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Hi, we are hypecrypto! A New Crypto Apparel E-commerce Store. We are excited to join the steemit Community😊



Step 1: Rate our Hat from 1-10 (Comment Below)
Step 2: Follow our Steemit
Step 3: Resteem our post :)


Winners will be chosen a week from now!

Goodluck, Hypecrypto


9.8/10 For white one!!!!!!

10/10 for pink cap! <3

10 the white cap

I'll give them a 9 out of 10. -1 because i'd like to see more colors. Dark blue


10 I like em' both! Great design.............. need more colors like tan, navy etc. Certainly kool though and well worth having one to support steemit and spread the word! Nice! Up-voted and re-steemed!

Like to see more colors too, like Black, Navy Blue, Maroon..
But for the above I'll rate the pink 9.5

8/10 the pink cap
9/10 the white cap

Thank you

I'll give them a 9 out of 10. -1 because i'd like to see more colors. Dark blue...

Ahh, thanks! We should have posted all our colors!

@hypercrypto i'll rate it 9.5 my reason is cause i admire white colors more than the the other ones and i look forward to seeing more amazing colors like red, pitch, black and stuffs like that. Upvoted and restreemed.

5/10 the pink
7/10 white

I'm not a fan of caps though although I have on favorite cap

Better if you can make it in dark color.

  1. Because you are exploding the scores with that hat.

9/10 the pink one
7/10 the white one

oh. thats 10 to me, i love that pink hat..

I will give both 5/10. Bcoz 50%job is done by looking at color and look but 50% is yet to done by chcking its stuff.

An " 8 " for the White Cap....

8.5/10 for the white cap. I would have give 10/10 if you have black.

10/10 on the White on! xo

10/10 for the White one!

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9.5 for pink cap and 7.5 to white cap. Try another colors than dark blue its too much better


10/10 for pink cap and 8/10 for white cap

10/10 both pink and white

8 for the pink hat:-)

10/10 the white

10/10 For white one

I love white, I would say pink too but I would use more white, I think it is very clever, and I know that when some other steemian see the cap will call attention and we can talk about steemit and make a new friendship thanks to this platform and in this case in particular to you and your cap. I hope to see you soon on the street! success and greetings.

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Would love to see more colors, especially Black with the Blue Steemit logo..
Rate it at 9.5/10.0
Good job guys..


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