We scattered $500 across the UCLA campus

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When Zuckerberg first launched ‘The Facebook’ in 2004 on his campus, “Within 24 hours, 1,200 Harvard students had signed up, and after one month, over half of the undergraduate population had a profile. The network was promptly extended to other Boston universities, the Ivy League and eventually all US universities.” - Sarah Phillips, The Guardian

As much as we disagree with Facebook’s privacy policies and lack of concern / ability to protect our privacy, there are applicable business lessons to take away from their initial growth strategy. They explicitly targeted universities and we all witnessed exactly how effective that was. We believe the Facebook phenomenon can be seen again with Steemit in 2018.

The college students today are the future of tomorrow, which is why we’re investing our resources into bringing them into the fold. We created @steemcollege to introduce the Steem blockchain to students one campus at a time, starting with the University of California, Los Angeles. To welcome UCLA students back to class for Spring 2018, we spent over 13 hours preparing this scavenger hunt. On game day, hints were given every hour.

steemucla.com redirects to steemit.com/@steemcollege/welcome-to-steemucla

We’ll walk you through our day at UCLA

We started bright and early, it was still chilly when we got to campus. The first thing we did was begin hiding the dollars we prepared beforehand, at specific locations around campus. As students began pouring into the campus for their first day of class, we began speaking to groups of students about Steemit and our scavenger hunt. They were also informed that hints will be posted at Steemucla.com.

As the scavenger hunt began, every hour on the dot we posted hints about where "Steem dollars" were hidden around campus. Here are the hints below (We didn't include the pictures of course).


10:00 AM “Scavenging for Steem dollars would be easier on two wheels.”


11:00 AM “UCLA is more than what meets the eye, we lead to something beneath the surface.”

parking staircase.JPG

12:00 PM “Grab a bite to eat, you might find what you seek.”


Bonus Hint “Mr. Murphy and his friends have gifts for you.”

mr murphy.jpg

1:00 PM “We only wake up at night, but you can find some Steem dollars around our resting spots.


2:00 PM “Look up, there’s something green!”

money tree.JPG

3:00 PM “Tired? Take a seat”


4:00 PM “We hope you’re not skipping class, Steem dollars can be found at all of the Halls!”


5:00 PM “Before you leave, Royce Hall is the place to be.”


Throughout the day, we continued to hide "Steem dollars" to ensure that there were enough for the groups to find. We also continued to speak to groups of students lounging on the lawn or chilling in cafes about Steemit and the scavenger hunt. While doing so we bumped into Jason, a member of UCLA's blockchain organization, and was happy to connect with him. We hope to be able to work together to better inform students about blockchain technologies and Steem in the future.

We were also uplifted by the enthusiastic reactions from most of the students we spoke to. Of course, there were also a few who could care less, but that was to be expected.

The last hint lead the students to Royce Hall where we handed out balloons with dollar bills inside to those who showed up. We then were able to speak more in detail about Steemit and invite them to sign up and join SteemUCLA.

It was a fun day and even the campus kitty wanted in! 😄


A few weeks ago we were setback with the rain and had to postpone, but we’re super excited that this finally happened! Thank you to all of the students for running around campus and participating in the game with us!


A special thanks to @steemitla for inspiring us to do this with their promo done in the streets of Los Angeles as seen in this post.

Until next time!

robert chen icon.png Rob Chen, CEO

@Yensesa is developing the first-ever exchange for Steem and Ghanaian Cedis to eliminate the need to go through multiple exchanges which takes time and adds fees. With direct transfer, @Yensesa enables a wide-spread adoption of STEEM in malls and even help parents outside of Ghana be able to buy food, supply, or anything for their children in Ghana. They are currently looking for influencers to help promote their project. Do you want to earn up to $2,437 for helping them out? We look forward to chatting on Discord.


I'm looking forward to your startup wish you luck and success, and thank you for your generosity this makes our world change at least a bit and you're a good example to the youth. :)

Thank you so much for your kindness :) My team will work hard to help the community as much as possible!

I still have much to learn too, but I will do my best as their guide!


Pls... swipe me in Covell. Much love...


Jokes aside. Amazing project. Possibly the cheapest form of user acquisition if it goes right ;) College campuses are great catalysts for any social media site. It would be amazing if this kind of scavenger hunt could happen across all campuses. It's my last semester in college and we have a small Steem community here.... as a "senior prank" (if you can call it that). Let me see what we can do about pulling off the same idea. Maybe we can use our SBD payouts to fund the project, haha.

I wanted to know if you might be interested in working with us to do a Steem awareness project at USC.

Haaha thanks @orangesphere , that would be an amazing project for you and friends to do. We had a great time playing host :D Let me know if you want to chat and together come up with fun ways to make it even more awesome for your campus !


Absolutely. I'll hop into your discord and say hi.

Thank you so much for getting my old idea of $1 bill steemit ads finally manifested In real life! So happy to see it alive!

And thanks for getting @black-man 's @yensesa onto trending like I was just saying we needed on my discord https://discord.gg/xgR7Dm
@enockagbo1 and @desmond41 need to see this and @anaman @tj4real and @mcsamm #teamghana #ghana

this is super incredible, I remember you talking about the dropping of 1 cedis from drone and stuff like that......
wow, we need to get some more crazy ideas to promote steemit, people like crazy stuff.... lol, it make things actually fun

That's incredible, Iris and I wanted to do that with a drone too but campus rules state we'd need permission to fly a drone due to air traffic regulations, but that would be super cool!


This is an amazing promo @hyperfundit. Team @yensesa is pumped up and getting ready for private beta on the 16-04-18. Private beta will only be opened to supporters of our hyperfundit campaign ( https://www.hyperfundit.com/product/opening-first-ghanaian-steem-sbd-exchange-utilizing-already-existing-digital-mobile-money-system/ ) and this has a limited seat so if you are interested then act now by pinging @hyperfundit team. https://yensesa.com

No problem brother, and it was a fun day! :D I believe the trending page is the rightful place for your project, great work Yensesa team!


I take you much more serious considering the face you’re using real dollars to lure people in. The fake dollar business cards set the wrong tone when people find out they’ve been tricked. Great idea and thanks for the share! Resteem

Thanks! But oh boy, I wasn't thinking that I was luring people in. I simply thought a real dollar would be attention-grabbing. You bring up a good point though. While this worked out, I'm going to have to change my strategy for the next event :P


This is a great idea. University students are much more open to new ideas and platforms as they will tend to think that it's just part of life as a university student. I had no idea FB was new when I joined in 2005... just thought it was only available to uni students (which it was), and that that was why it was new to me.

Yes especially with Gen Z, they grew up since elementary with social media (debatable whether that's healthy or not), but they know the game better than predecessors, even Millennials. We're talking about 13-year-olds with 10,000+ followers on YouTube, Insta, etc.

Gen Z sees Facebook as "the old ppl's platform". A few years back, I heard highschoolers were communicating through DropBox because they wanted to be different. So I think they would appreciate Steemit and as college students now, have much to contribute to the community.


This is why we shouldn't ignore the things we do in school when we were students. Who know? Small things we have done in past might have made us millionaire and we just missed it.

I know what you mean, I too feel like I missed so many opportunities while I was in college and that's what part of this project is about. Raising awareness about steemit/blockchain for the current students so they don't miss out on the opportunities ahead


Thanks for doing this, I hope this post can cover your cost!

Thanks! That would be great but no worries, we went in expecting to spend :p


Dang how are those young bright minds going to handle school workload and steemit workload. Good luck with that.

Swap out Facebook workload ;)

They'll probably do better than we give them credit for :P


true. did not think about all the other things college students get to do today. Facebook was just starting when I was in college. lol. Boy I feel old. :p

Yeah I hear you brother, I'm starting to feel it too. I used to run track, but setting up this scavenger hunt had me out of breath LOL


Haha this is generous and funny at the same time :)

This was such a great project for you to do !

Thanks @tsnaks! Glad you enjoyed reading about the project :) We too had a blast doing this project


Zuckerberg had a trick up his sleeve back then, but with the steem blockchain that won't happen, so prom0-steem full STEEM ahead!!

This is awesome this should be done more than just the West coast, we need this globally so we can get this thing MOON-bound hahahah

Great work here... keep it up, we will all reap the benefits one day!!

Team Ned all the way!

Yes @conradsuperb this is just a start, we're looking to do events in east coast next (where I was born and raised) and work our way to middle country from both coasts.

We absolutely want this to happen globally so if anyone else wants to replicate what we did here, please do! College communities definitely bring value to the blockchain. Full STEEM ahead!! :)


Yes indeed!! I'm a college student myself, I go to Ohio State University and I am so glad I have found steemit... such a great and fun way to make a passive stream of income on the side!!

See ya round,

Cheers :)

Happy to connect! :) I have some friends who went to Ohio State, very proud students and awesome school spirit! Keep in touch conrad, cheers! 😏


oh yeah, big time!! we love to support our Buckeyes- this will never change!!

Happy to connect as well, catch ya around

I really like the idea of trying to broaden this community in this way. I think this will be a great way to add some good voices to the platform! I really hope this starts to take off among highly educated people! They have a lot of information they can offer the general population!

edit: Resteemed!

Thank you! I too believe that students have a lot of energy and knowledge to share with the community :) I'll do the best I can to introduce them to Steemit. It also appears there are many more ppl who want to and will do the same! :D


This is really cool, I wish that this was done perhaps by Steemit themselves where they held events like this or have some sort of scavenger hunt, it would bring a lot of publicity to Steemit too!

Yes the mystery remains why Steemit Inc is so laid back about marketing, but I believe in what they've created and want to do my part so here I am marketing for Steemit :P


I thought about something of the likes for Greece but we dont have a single euro paper bill, the lower paper bill at 5 euros would make this a very expensive promo for my pocket.

Cool tactic though and will for sure attract some attention where it actually matters.

Kudos guys.

That is indeed a costly promotion, perhaps there is another way where dollar bills are not the influencing factor.

There's a thought that I've been pondering over. Sponsoring influential ppl such as community leaders (outside of blockchain), musicians, sports players, and alike. Of course on an affordable scale, for example, students.

It's just a thought for now as I'm sure I'm overlooking some critical details, but what do you think so far?


A bit - I do not agree - with this idea of promoting.

You orientate everyone to making money - I do not think that's the point.
It should be - an addition - to all that steem offers.

Anyway - one Pakistani group already - uses in bad faith ... because they are directed - to earn money (at any cost: spamming, plagiarism, impersonating someone) and not the development of communication. Completely - this is not what we want.

I think that much more will bring organic growth: - focused on promotion d.tube, steepshot, dlive - integrated with steemit. And by the way - on which you can earn .. - like a bonus.

And let's not be enchanted - New participants will not earn anything or very little - so they will be discouraged!
Transfer - the burden of promotion - not for earning but - for the integration of applications and community as the number 1 (cool application and community / a bonus - you can earn good content)

You mentioned Facebook - did he offer money? NO - he was in a phase - where he needed that money ...

You do have a point however based on the target audience I believe this method is very apt.

@marekkaminski thank you so so much for going against the norm and pointing this out! I agree.

We can either focus on community or grab at society's desire to make money and I do believe the money is the lesser of the two methods as well.

Unfortunately, when it comes to new user acquisition, the 'community pitch' doesn't work today as there is already widespread adoption of facebook, youtube, insta, snapchat, twitter, reddit, linkedin, etc. all of which have thriving communities.

At the moment, money is Steemit Inc's USP as seen in their call to action.


I remember the first time I saw this, I closed the tab. It wasn't effective.

The question that my partner and I struggled with when designing this event was, "How do we get 45,000 students to sign up for SteemUCLA?" which is basically a single steemit post designed to be an ongoing thread that introduces Steemit to these students.

Zuckerberg was a semi-celibrity on his campus due to "Hot or Not" before he launched The Facebook. With zero influence on UCLA's campus (I went to school in NY), I couldn't come up with a solution that didn't involve money.

I love your care for the community and thought process! What are your thoughts so far?


Awesome idea! You bring up a great point that those attending college right now are the ones who are the future. Part of this is due to their age. The other part is that attending and graduating college in itself deliberately increases the likelihood of holding some position of influence and decision making. You are more likely to command more dollars in the future if you have attended college. This isn't guaranteed, but it is more likely. Great post. Great idea.

Thank you for your thoughts and insight! I, like many others initially thought I have to invest in STEEM to make it on Steemit, but the more time I spent on the platform the more I came to realize that is untrue. It's the people that make Steemit worthwhile and valuable. STEEM would drop to nothing without a strong, diverse, and active community; which is why my team and I are determined to invest in people (students at the moment) as opposed to stocking up on STEEM even though it's really cheap right now.


Really cool stuff, I'd love to do something similar on my campus! (I imagine adoption is even lower where I come from) It's also amazing that the head of the blockchain society didn't know about steemit!

Thanks @sisygoboom, who's stopping you ?? :P Give it a try, doesn't have to be attached to real money

The person I met was a member of the blockchain society. Hopefully the head of the society knows of Steemit! That means we're doing well! I will find out when I get a chance to meet the person :)


This is great more students to join steemit im just worried they will find some of the boring parts of steemit they need to be guided carefully so that they may share it to their friends and family

Absolutely! We were worried too, which is why we purchased the domain "steemucla.com" to get them started in a closed and safe space among their own peers.


Oh cool hope they will do well

Out of curiosity, did you measure interest in Steemit from the participants? or conversion rates? Might be an interesting experiment. I think you were smart in targeting Universities, they are full of early adopters or potential early adopteres.

We visited campus a few times prior to launching the scavenger hunt. Interest varied depending on how we pitched it, some cared for "connect with other UCLA students", more were interested in the "likes are worth real money" and about 1/4 ppl could care less about it. Overall we were convinced to give it a go.

Tracking conversion is a problem especially with the registration process taking up to 3 weeks. We did stick bitly signup links into the page, but it's more likely that ppl will click Steemit's signup button, so that's a flawed tracking system. We'll have to wait a month or two to see how much engagement we get on steemucla.com to find out.

I'm sure there's a better way, but I don't know the solution right now. Do you have any suggestions? :)


Super cool, it sounds like you put quite a bit of thought into this! This may affect the popularity but possible you could have the reward be given through or after a registration link? I'm not sure how Steemit's tracking system works, but I think this may be possible through bitly. Keep up the good work!

Steemit as a platform stunts its own growth with is manual signup review process amongst other things.

I hope that the platform can keep innovating because without any progress on the platform it will likely die or be replaced.

I have cone to terms with the fact that steem was an experiment that will be left to it users to maintain.

Yes the bottleneck is an issue, but I believe it can be overcome. While I do wish Steemit Inc would quickly automate the sign up process, they are still in Beta and are fighting giants, so I'll cut them some slack.

I believe in what they've built so far, and since they left the experiment in our hands, we'll have to become the scientists/technologists/engineers/financial experts/community leaders/etc. to keep Steemit from dying or being replaced.


Everything flows, everything changes...

That's very cool, this project will also help steemit as awhole! Nice one :)

Thanks @timhau21 ! That's the plan :)


This is a great fun ha ha ha

Hahha thanks :)


Congrats! You've just been upvoted & resteem by the Resteem Streem! Keep it real.

Wow, what a great idea - wish I could've participated lol! It's been a few years since I've been in college but man college students are so lucky these days with the rapid advancement of the blockchain tech and now with steemit, it's just awesome what these students' possibilities will be in their futures.
Anyways, very cool of you to share this with us, and the pictures really made me feel like I was walking around there with you guys, hiding each dollar! Balloons were a nice touch too!

Aw thank you! Yes we were lucky to grow up in the age of the internet. Now internet is basic and blockchain will become the norm. It's an exciting time for everyone regardless! Imagine the possibilites ahead :D

I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :) We even stuffed them with confetti!


For sure! I feel lucky to live with all this technology for sure. Lol, yep, internet is now basic as hell haha. Yea, the possibilities are going to be crazy.
:) See ya around!

That is a great way to promote steem!I am glad you are working hard on this.

Nick Kolenda mentions the very premise on how facebook became popular because it was open only to a select few before becoming public.


Thank you for sharing that! I will read :)

Curiosity is in fact one of the most powerful human instinct, also why very few secrets stay a secret.


this is great content. if willing for his sustenance

I’m promoting Steemit, Train Steemians and in progress for start a Witness. You guys @hyperfundit will be able to help me financially and support these projects ?

Can you tell me more about your projects on Discord?


can i have some ,i really need at this time :( @hyperfundit

Every situation gets better over time, keep at it brother :)


thanks brother for advice :)

What a great and fun initiative! Scavenger hunts are the best...especially for money :D Now, I think I went to the wrong university...

LOL @vendee we'll work our way to your university!! 😊


I'm afraid you'd have to cross the ocean then...but maybe I can propose it to my school...of course, they are greedy as hell, it would have to be just monopoly money, but that would still be fun! I can already see the disappointment in the students' faces XD

LOL hahahha I'd still play! End of the day, the value is in Steemit, the dollar is just for attention :P We even had several students ask "Is that a real dollar???"

If you do set up a hunt, let me know! :D


Hahaha ok, thanks for sharing, it was inspirational XD

definetly i think so this :)

What a great idea to promote this platform! And everyone loves a scavenger hunt! I hope the Steem community sees this and duplicates this in some way all over the world!

Thanks @annemariemay ! We hope so too, we believe Steemit can be the solution to many problems. We're happy to be a part of the movement! 😁


What a clever idea! I'm only 2 mi from UCLA and didn't know there was a strong local Steemit community. I'm having a Steem meetup in Brentwood in a few weeks. Who knew lol?

There wasn't a strong UCLA Steemit community yet, but there will be soon! My team is keeping in contact with the blockchain group within their student body.

I'd love to attend your meetup if you'd like to extend an invite :)


Awesome idea. That looked like it was a lot of fun!

Thanks ! We try :D


Whoa! Please come and spread in universities in Nigeria 🤑 Nice initiative 👌

Absolutely! We will work our way to you! :)


Great project ! Very creativ ;))

Thanks! We have more projects lined up in the months ahead :)

Stay tuned!


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Woowww,, amazing

Thanks! :D


Such a creative idea! Rock it up :)

My partner and I put a lot of effort into this event, thank you! :D


good post brother, i like it

Thank you brother, glad you enjoyed the post! :)


I'm interested to help and be rewarded with $2,437
So what's the complete instructions?
Is this available in my country Philippines?

Cool, get in touch with the Yensesa team and see if you're a good fit for their project. This is available to any country so long as you as an influencer have a large / strong following (5,000+) and they are the right audience for this project


Are you guys serious? or April fools prank?

Yes we're serious, this would be a mean prank to pull :T


steemit = money

I would say steemit = community; because without engagement, there is no money to be had


that is a good men! Good charity :D

Challenge, where you can win up to 100s $SD!
If you want to, you can try it here:


really love this. Found the post via a resteem by @demotruk. Would love to do something fun like this in Ireland...

Thanks @paulag ! Yes, please let me know when you do! I Would love to see what you have in mind :D


Great work keep up!

Thank you, we will! :)


This is a very great initiative. I always say,

Before you think, someone has already thought

but it is great to see you execute it and I bet if several universities get hit by this strategy, steemit will definitely get flooded with people. @ackza has been talking about dropping cedis from the sky on campus from a drone.

thanks for the @yensesa mention it is one process that will encourage market adoption, some people and shops wanted to accept steem and sbd as a mode of payment but want an instant site where they can get to transfer their money into fiat instantly to to protect their market value of thieir item,

Very soon when things get in place steem and sbd will be another currency in ghana and its adoption will even be faster than bitcoin as very few people (I know of 1 shop) accept it as a mode of payment

Yes the plan here is to target universities in focus groups, where students from one university already has many friends from the next university. Then move from state to state, then country to country - while inspiring action along the way, otherwise, it would take us years to reach global adoption

You're welcome brother, we will make steem an accepted payment method together, in Ghana, and everywhere else with the help that comes along the way. I believe when like-minded and driven people come together and commit to a cause, then actionable change must happen.


And yet you make more on this post.

I'm thankful for the communities support, but the "make more" would go into setting up the next event.


Yes, man.
I'm glad to see how steemit progressing.
Good day, man.

inspiring want to do like you guys

Thanks, you most definitely can! I believe we all have a part in our community :)


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That's a pleasant surprise, thank you :)


I am new to steemit kindly check out my introductory post
You comment are welcome

Thanks! :)


Nice write up , iam inspired by your post and i know many others are too...keep the flag ftying

Thank you! We're happy we made an impact. Will do! :D


thanks! :)


Happy to connect with you.

Nice to meet you too :)


When you're ready to jump on any universities in the Twin Ports (Duluth/Superior) University of Superior Wisconsin (UWS), WITC (Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College), Lake Superior College (LSC), University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD), and/or The College of St. Scholastica (CSS) I would love to help be a part of spreading the word to these campuses somehow. At least you know that you got one steemian up here! I am yet to run across other Steemians here and I am not a student but I still think this is a great project!

Thank you so much for your support!! I will take you up on the offer when the time comes :D


I need the money..hehe


Cute smile



That's what we called "Gratitude". Giving back the good things we earned from the past few times. Good job! I hope it inspires a lot!

Yes gratitude makes the world go round! Thank you for the kind wishes! :)




All the best 😊😊

good idea to encourage students

thanks! I was surprised to find that there isn't already a large student population on Steemit


yes, I am also an economic student ;)

GLORIOUS. Nice work. Love what you're doing...

Sneaking over to Discord now...Cheers!

Thank you! We will keep up the hard work! Cheers :)


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What an initiative .. keep it up nice activity 😊😊

Thank you! We will come up with more creative events :)


Great efforts. Thanks for sharing

Thanks for the support! Cheers! :)


How is it possible that 17 typings and all wins?
Trainers show class.
Zrzut ekranu 2018-04-04 o 16.16.23.png

Very inspiring, great blog post, I really enjoyed reading this

Thanks! I'm glad this event and post inspired you! :D


What a great idea! Haha! I hope you and everyone had fun and I hope it was sucessful!

@scottshots it was an amazing experience! We got caught a few times haha. Some students saw us taping the dollars so we chatted with them about Steemit and they were really excited which makes it all worthwhile :D We did see faculty take some too Lol


Busted!!! But yeah, great excuse to promote Steemit in person. A big high five and pat on the back for your work.

Hahah yeah that worked out ! 😆

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hi what a good initiative, just that money is a distracting enter to the study, continue with your influence greetings

Thanks! I agree. My team is coming up with methods that doesn't rely on showcasing the dollar. We'll keep tweaking and improving the events to come! :)


This is actually a very good idea...targeting the university students surely will increase steemit users...

Thanks, right we think so too. College students actually have quite a vast and active network, sometimes more than the working population.


Steem Dollar gets a new meaning now 😄

Literally 😊


great post, very good for informasion

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