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RE: Steem Secrets #4 (Delivered By @gerel): Shake The Steem Blockchain With A Piece Of Awesome "YOU", For "There Was Life Before Steemit".

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Your message is positively charged. Thanks for sharing. Steemit encourages those beautiful ideas to spring back to life.....and also serve as life journal.


Everyone needs to think positively, to live life positively and to bring out the best we have.
Thanks @ibile for sharing your thoughts with us.
Stay Happy!
You can visit my blogs on @gerel if you have free time. Thank you again!

@gerel I will definitely. Coincidentally, i just published a piece on positive thinking yesterday.... Remain positively charged. Cheers!

Please follow @gerel, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispense is "life knowledge" underlying and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

@surpassinggoogle I just did now... How can i become a member of @steemsecrets family?

I want to swim with the whale, learn the way of the whale and give like a whale!

Thank you @surpassinggoogle for giving us minnows whale 🐳 treatment. No-one could have done it but you, making each and everyone of us feel so special. Thank you so much, I am a whale.

Learn by following along. There is also a contact beneath each @steemsecrets' post

Thank you. Thank you so much!

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