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RE: Steem Secrets #9 (Delivered By @theree2389): On Steemit, There Is "Opportunity"; "The Tip Of The Opportunity" & "Lost Opportunity". Which Will You Have?

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Opportunities comes to everyone whether you are steemian or non-steemian, minnow or whale. Whenever an opportunity knocks you get 'READY' for it and prove yourself because it is the best time to show your talent to the world.

Going back: when it comes to "opportunities"; when you eventually find one, please know that, there is "the tip of the opportunity", "the whole opportunity" and "lost opportunity" and "your very next post" and "the way you engage during a eventual conversation", may be the very determinant of which you will get.

You have very well-explained in one sentence. Applause!!
@surpassinggoogle is a whale who brings new challenges,opportunities and food for thought now its time to decide whether you are ready to go with it or kept silence all the time.


@surpassinggoogle is a whale who brings new challenges,opportunities and food for thought

My my! Food for thought indeed because I have been feeding fat on the words from his every post and I must tell you that I am better for it. If the underlying wisdom in his posts is the only thing I have gained on steemit, then my journey here has not been in futility. Thank you @surpassinggoogle and @steemsecrets.

Indeed, we all have equal chances to opportunities whether you’re a minnow or a whale. It’s just a matter of perseverance and belief to oneself that he/she can find it. Having posts based on experiences and knowledge is already a great way to show to people that you deserve the opportunity here in steemit. We just have to be real and focused to our goals to inspire and learn in return from other steemians who become our friends later on. :)

Truth! Opportunities are everywhere and comes to everyone.

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

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