Busy.org User Interface | Benefits of Using Busy | Synergy Within Steem Ecosystem

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Since the very beginning of my Steemit journey, Steemit.com has served as the number one platform for me in terms of navigating and publishing posts on the Steem blockchain. The next best source of navigating Steemit has been the awesome @esteemapp by @good-karma. As awesome as Busy.org is, I have used it for posting just once in more than nine months. I would have kept on going on like that until the Busy v2.4 Release caught my attention. The features are too hard to ignore.

Using Busy.org.png

Image is designed via Canva.com and Busy logo and the banner are taken from Busy Gitbhub.

Since Utopian.io uses a fork of Busy's interface to gather contributions, it's not the first time that I am using the Busy editor, as I have published all my @utopian-io contributions using this very editor. It is amazing and I cannot emphasize its simplicity and ease of use enough. The provision of visual buttons to implement Markdown styling saves a lot of time. On Steemit.com, you have to create all the styles manually and it takes a lot of struggle.

Some Interesting Advantages of Busy.org

Busy.org is not created as a competitor to Steemit. It rather enhances the user experience and gives a very user-friendly platform for all of us to use. It is built on top of the Steem blockchain and is supported heavily by Steemit Inc. itself. Having said that, let me share some interesting benefits of using Busy.org which you do not get on Steemit.

  • The biggest advantage of using Busy.org for newbies is that you can manage your voting power. You can enable voting slider from the settings and vote dynamically (choosing vote % for every vote) or fix a lower percentage, let's say 25 %, to save your voting power while giving more upvotes.

  • The biggest advantage of using Busy.org for newbies is that you can manage your voting power. You can enable voting slider from the settings and vote dynamically (choosing vote % for every vote) or fix a lower percentage, let's say 25 %, to save your voting power while giving more upvotes.

  • When you post using Busy, and use busy as a tag, you can get an upvote from the Busy bot. You need to have at least 50,000 SP worth of followers to get this vote at the moment and the vote strength depends on how much SP in totality is following you.

  • You receive notifications about every activity concerning you. There's a notification bell which you can click to see all your previous notifications. Although I use Ginabot to get notified about events of my interest, having an inbuilt notification system is just great. Steemit does not provide such a system so far.

  • You can see your activity and even filter it. All your general and financial history can be seen in the activity page.

  • Busy now has an IPFS image hosting in place which is faster, more reliable and decentralized.

  • When you open another profile, you can see if the user follows you. You don't need to check the long list of your followers to see if an account follows you. I wish I knew it when I had to choose winners of my 15 Steem + 10 SBD giveaway contest.

  • While surfing on Busy.org, you can play Dtube videos without having to open the post, let alone open another tab for the @dtube link. It shows incredible synergy with which Steem ecosystem is going forward.

Synergistic Development of Steem Ecosystem!

On a side note, consider the synergistic development of Steem ecosystem from the following facts.

  • Steemit Inc. helped Busy in developing the notification system.

  • Utopian.io uses Busy's interface.

  • Dtube worked with Busy to implement IPFS image hosting and the Dtube player.

  • The biggest Steem investors like @transisto and witnesses like @blocktrades & @ausbitbank are among the biggest upvoters on all the developmental activities.*

I have always had a positive outlook on STEEM as a cryptocurrency and Steem as a blockchain. The reasons are obvious if you can see an air of cooperation among all the relevant players (investors, witnesses, developers, bloggers etc.) to steer the project further. My analysis of Steem as an investment and my big hopes for Steem in 2018 are based on the positive developments that the community always comes up with.

What Do You Think About Busy.org?

Have you been using Busy for a while? If yes, how was your experience? If not, are you going to try it? Let me know how you feel and share your experience in the comments below.

PS: A big shoutout for @fabien and @ekitcho for making Busy possible. The project is open source so there are a lot of contributors too; another reason Steem will flourish faster and become bigger than we can anticipate.


for me, steemit.com for feed.. busy.org for notification. one has an advantage over the other.

Is the vote slider so important that you had to mention it twice in the post? :-)

I couldn't agree more though on everything you said, and only wish I'd discovered it sooner... Now if @busy.org would support switching accounts like @esteemapp does, it would be perfect. #HintHint @fabien and @ekitcho

Hahahaha!!! Just noticed the duplication. Thanks for pointing it out. Surprisingly, this point was left out when I first published the post. Had to edit after posting to include it. It is important but I think mentioning once is enough. Haha!

In busy.org, can one also see the total SP of all your followers combined? I was planning to sit one day and make a program which does exactly that and that also shows who are the most powerful followers in terms of SP and voting power, for a user.

Hey @hmushtaq & @ilyastarar I think Spectacles already does most of what you are looking for to create in your own program. Spectacles probably provides a good bunch of features and statistical data to save you a great deal of time regarding your idea for programming your app. I guess, you would like to click on that green text above and check if as to obtain some inspiration at least, you find that post of some usefulness. :)

I think there isn't and it would be a great tool not only for Busy users but generally as well.

Busy is great, I really like the extra features. The only thing I don’t like about it is that if you start writing a post and then close the page it doesn’t back up what you’ve written. Steemit does it, and I lost an entire post once because of it and had to write it all over again.

Happened with this very post. I had to lose 135+ words of work due to this. On Steemit, I completed a post in more than 3 weeks without having to lose a word. Let's suggest this improvement to the devs. @fabien @ekitcho

Busy has a "drafts" function where it saves drafts that we can discard or publish later, but I'm not sure what forces it to save a draft, or whether there's a way to save drafts manually. Though I never write posts into the editor directly. I always write into a text file, and paste the contents into the editor once ready.

I also did a post talking about Busy's features as soon as I discovered the site last month. I really like the features, such as the activity page, the way the site shows voting power and vote value, the STEEM and SBD prices on the wallet page, and the followers list.

I've been using Busy to post and to check the activity page and the market prices. Sadly, I can't use it for everything because some parts of the interface aren't accessible to visually impaired users that need to rely on screen reader software, especially the floating menus and the icons, including the upvote button! This forces me to use Steemit for voting, so, no voting slider for me...

I really hope that they’ll fix it :)

An other good post, you've been helping me a lot for my beginning here with your very detailed post. Definitely NOT reward stealing.

I love using busy.org. I love the notification feature and the interface of the website as well. I primarily use busy.org to post, while I go switch between busy.org and steemit for reading and browsing posts.

Regular i post from Busy.org but sometime it not upvote me, why?

I have one post uploaded at busy.org. but I did not know that if I give tag as busy I will receive upvote.

Thanks for sharing informative blog.


The writers like you need the steemit community. By doing so you can succeed in providing us very good information. I am proud that I am part of this society. I read every article you need. And indeed I responded very much to you and your articles.

I know you can climb the highest mountains. Never lose faith in yourself. Good luck!

Hello @ilyastarar, are you using the busy.org web or apps that we can download from google playstore? I wanted to download it but its still in beta mode an there are no comment from any users. I'm worried that it might be a scam app just to get our userID.

busy.org is a website.. much like steemit.com.

your blog will be at https://busy.org/@beverlyjoe (no, this is not a phishing link).

How about the app from google store, have u tried it?

me neither.. i don't plan on using any app, in caution of having my account stolen

I personally haven't.

Most informative post for new steemitian. I'm thinking of working on a busy.org. Reading this article will definitely work on a busy.org

At last, I found out the criteria of voting of busy bot. Than you for thorough article

This isn't my first time hearing about busy.org but what I still don't get is that is it an app or a website?

Steemit is an app (a software you can say) built on top of Steem blockchain. Same with Busy as well. Both are websites as well as apps.

Alright thanks.

Nice post by the way.

Thank you for sharing this information. In was wondering about busy.org but was a bit lazy to go and check it out. So I appreciate this as you have listed the answers to everything I was wondering about.

Personally i love busy for creating posts because it is easier and they throw me a couple pennies once in a while. I love the notifications. The best part is the vote slider so i can not blow through all my vote power when upvoting people in my comment sections of my posts or upvoting in other peoples posts. I now use steem auto to automaticly claim rewards so i basicly only go on the original steemit to power up. if i am on my phone i usually browse on regular steemit because i got lazy and have not put busy on it yet.

For me it's simple. I do probably around 90% of the work in Busy. In Steemit I take care of anything involving wallet operations, that are not automated. I still use Steemit to search, Busy devs did a great job including an in-app search, but it needs more work in my opinion. Other than that, I use Steepshot once a week, I've just tried eSteem antroid app for the first time today, and I've used Zappl a few times for quick posting, although Busy also has the possibility to write quick posts. Not a video guy, so haven't tried the video-related apps (nor dSound).

I prefer the busy interface all around for all the reasons you mentioned. I just started getting busy upvotes too and I'm really excited about that.

I started using Busy a while ago because I could use the slider bar sooner. That alone helped me to jumpstart my results here. Rather than burning through all of it, I was able to spread it around with my comments. I think that helped me engage.

Busy has been glitchier than Steemit, but it seems like they've gotten a few things worked out over the last few weeks. Previously I would attempt comments and Busy wouldn't post them, it would just clear the form. It got so bad that I developed a habit of always copying my comments before hitting "comment." Seems like that's better now though.

I think there are advantages to both Busy and Steemit. I use both for different things.

I like it and had been using it for a bit. Definitely appreciated the busy upvote and the slider before I had enough SP to have one here on Steemit. But the reason I had to stop using it to create new posts is the image hosting.

An important part of my process when I create a new post it to share it to various Discord channels for post promotion/upvotes, and the images won't show with the steemit link if you post with busy. I suppose I would have to post the busy link instead of the Steemit one, but I'm otherwise tracking everything for my steemit links.

If someone is going to be 100% Busy or doesn't care about posting links to their steemit URLs on discord, this is not a consideration. The pictures show fine when posted with Busy but linked to the Steemit URL when on someplace like Facebook, just not on Discord.

Today, the first time I posted a post through "busy"

Another advantage of busy.org for me is that it shows you the percentage and amount of money that a certain person has upvoted you. When you move the cursor over the 'like button', you can see who upvoted you and by how much percent. Also, the first advantage you wrote has been repeated twice. I think it's a typo- correct it so your post looks even better. :)

Thanks for your input @ilyastarar. I have worked using busy since February and it has only improved. At first I like the way they made markdown accessible. Later I liked the voting slider they gave me even though I didn't have 500SP. Finally I liked the notifications. I could figure out who was following me quickly and who was interacting with my posts without having to go far.

I have experienced only one problem with busy. I write something and then click on a link and lose what I was writing. This has happened several times. Sometimes the drafts are backed up and sometimes they are not. Is there a general rule for saving drafts?

Yeah, busy is a great interface and I use it sometimes. I don't use it all the time, because I just got used to Steemit too much now. Even though busy looks great, it just doesn't feel the same for some reason... But I definitely like the whole busy project and I hope it does well in the future.

Seems like I only used it before just to post something, now since the update I have been using it a lot more because of the updated features!