The All in One Steemit Guide for Newbies and Minnows (Tutorials, Guides, Advice)

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There's so much to know about Steemit and how it works. There's so much information available as well. But, what a beginner needs is the technical knowledge about Steemit as well as the advice coming from experienced Steemians. Knowing the basics of Steemit and the best community practices will help every beginner or struggling Steemian.

There's one particular problem as well. When we invite people to Steemit (because we find it amazing for ourselves), they have questions before they join. Then they have a lot of questions after joining as well. In her latest post, @ogoowinner pointed out an issue she has been facing. Let's read what she wrote.

 I write this post because I am having difficulties guiding the people I introduced to Steemit. I have been spreading the good news of Steemit to all my friends, relatives, neighbors and others. Some of them have successfully registered, but handling all their questions is becoming a problem to me.

I already had planned this post; a post which can guide every new Steemian through the world of Steemit and explain systems, procedures, and strategies. But @ogoowinner made it look urgent to me. I have guided a lot of people through the initial phase already using my Facebook group but this post is an important resource for anyone who wants to guide newbies from their community.

I am going to divide this post in to three parts for the sake of ease and organization.

  • Steemit Guides
  • Reward Tutorials & Advice
  • Do's and Don'ts on Steemit 

Let's get started with Steemit guides.

Steemit Guides

Steemit guides are focused on understanding Steemit as a platform. Each guide explains a certain aspect of Steemit which will help newbies understand the platform and how it works. Let's begin with the very basic one.

1. How to Add Display Picture and Set up Profile

It may sound pretty straightforward but people from all levels of technological adoption are joining Steemit and they find it hard to go about these routine things. Click the link to access the guide.

Guide: How to Add Display Picture and Set up Profile

2. How to Know Your Exact Reputation, Vote Worth & Latest Upvotes

Reputation increases as you receive more rewards on your posts. The rewards do come from the upvotes but the increases in reputation is not dependent on the number of upvotes.

Guide: How to Know Your Exact Reputation, Vote Worth & Latest Upvotes

3. Steemit Post Editors and How to Use Them

Steemit comes with multiple Editing options. There are actually 3 editors that you may use. This guide explains all three of them, how to use them and how to switch from one to another.

Guide: Steemit Post Editors and How to Use Them

4. How to Create Great Steemit Posts

After knowing how to use Steemit editors for publishing your posts, it is important to know how to create and write these posts. This guide has laid down a great 9 step checklist for everyone to use. I have seen a fair level of Steemit success using these techniques.

Guide: How to Create Great Steemit Posts

5. Introduction to Steemit

This guide is actually a Steemit Tutorial in itself. It also happens to be my most successful Steemit post in terms of rewards. I posted this on my 3rd day here and it went massively viral. It also brought hundreds of people to Steemit. I posted it on my personal blog and it went viral there too.

Steemit Link: Introducing Steemit
Blog Link: Steemit Tutorial

6. Steemit Rewards Explained

Steemit rewards are fundamental part of the Steemit system. Everyone is concerned about them but not everyone has the thorough understanding of them. Well, I explained Steemit rewards in great detail and the effort was endorsed by hundreds of people.

Guide: Steemit Reward System Explained

Now, let's move on to the rewards related tutorials and how-to guides.

Steemit Rewards Guides & Tutorials

To go ahead, you need first to completely understand the mystery of Steemit rewards because knowing the fundamentals will help your learn and earn better. The rewards related posts basically deal with what you can you with all the money that you earn on Steemit.

Knowing about these strategies and opportunities will definitely help you make the best use of your Steemit earnings.

1. Things You Can Do with Steemit Earnings

There's a lot that you can do with your Steemit earnings. I made a great list of them and explained each of the options in detail. You'll not only know what to do but also how to do it.

Guide: Things You Can Do with Steemit Earnings

2. How to Increase Your Steemit Rewards

Who doesn't want to have more rewards. There's a whole lot of things you can do to increase your Steemit rewards. I have mentioned the top 5 of them in one single guide. The procedures are also mentioned.

Guide: Increase Your Steemit Rewards

PS: Do checkout @discordia by @ausbitbank. It is newer that's why it was not mentioned in the guide above.

3. How to Buy Steem from Internal Market

Buying Steem is important if you want to power up. It can also bring massive profits if you buy Steem at cheap price and its price rises in future (which is strongly expected). This guide is for buying Steem from the internal market and contains some cutting edge tips.

Guide: Buy Steem from Internal Market

4. How to Buy Steem from External Exchanges

Steem can also be bought outside Steemit from the cryptocurrency exchanges. This is specially relevant because to buy from the internal market, you cannot invest your own money. Only the Steemit earned SBDs can be used in the internal market. Not a case in external exchanges though. This guide explains everything in fine detail.

Guide: How to Buy Steem from External Exchanges

5. How to Cash Out from Steemit

This one is the hottest question I have faced in last two months. Too many people, virtually every new member, want to know how to withdraw Steemit earnings. Well, getting cash out of Steemit is easy if you follow this guide.

Guide: Complete Steemit Withdrawal Guide

That's all for the rewards. Let's talk about some strategies, do's and don'ts on Steemit now.

Do's & Don'ts on Steemit

There are things that you should do and there are others too which should not be done. These Steemit advice posts are key to Steemit success in short or long term. If you follow them, it is very likely that you will outperform others. 

1. Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately

Newbies have the problem of doing these things. I was a victim too in the beginning but I learned my lesson early. If you are a newbie, you should strictly stop doing these things immediately. If you are not new, why are you doing it?

Link: Things You Should Stop Doing Immediately

2. Do Not "Follow for Follow"

One of the most futile trends on Steemit brought largely from Twitter. It doesn't work here. Wanna know why? Read the post.

Link: Why Follow for Follow Sucks!

3. Interact and Add Value

If there's one key to Steemit success, it is interaction and that too the valuable one. It is directly related to earning on Steemit.

Link: Are You Earning & Interacting Enough? 

4. Do Not Plagiarize/Copy-Paste

It's a common rookie mistake. People do it not knowing that @steemcleaners and @cheeta (among others) are on a constant watch. Your Steemit reputation will be destroyed and you will not earn anything if you do not follow these guidelines.

Link:  The Rookie Mistake That Will Damage Your Reputation On Steemit!

5. Do Not Upvote Yourself All the Time

Self voting has done great damage to the platform already. That's the reason why @personz @l0k1 came up with the project-smackdown in which @smackdown.kitty downvotes those who upvote their own comments. I have strongly supported this project and had detailed discussions with @l0k1 on the subject as well.

Link:  Self Voting is Killing the Community Aspect of Steemit. Stop It!

6. Best Tips for Steemit Success

This is great list of actionable tips to make your Steemit experience better and more successful. If you need more rewards, followers and reputation, do yourself a favor and follow these amazing tips.

Link: 15 Practical Steemit Tips Which Will Ensure Your Success


That's it for the guides. I hope this post enables new and existing Steemians to make their Steemit experiences better than ever. I also hope that by saving this post as a bookmark, you can help new members of the community get accustomed to Steemit real quick.

This post is a huge contribution from my side to the amazing community and platform of Steemit. I hope you spread it by resteeming it and sharing its links with anyone who joins Steemit or needs to get started.

Thank you for reading. Thanks for all your support in form of comments, upvotes and resteems.


Excellent Guide. I will be sharing this with everyone that we bring over. I do have one bit of disagreement though while reading through the guide and that has to do with self-voting. While I do think it's unfair to self-vote the comments, I see nothing wrong with self-voting the posts. Especially if one puts a ton of effort into writing a really good post. For minnows just starting out, that self-vote may be all they have in the beginning. I would see it as abuse if they were simply spamming with single pics or youtube videos. But if they put forth the effort, then why not a self-vote? If you invest a lot of money in Steem, then you are already bringing a lot to the community. If you put a lot of effort into a quality post, then you are brining even more. If you are upvoting others all the time, and only put up one post a day or just a few a week, you are still giving over 90% of your voting power to others. I don't have a problem with smakdownkitty downvoting the comment self-voters. But I don't think bots should be policing the upvotes for articles. I think that should be left to descrition of individual people if the member is abusing the system or if they are genuinely providing quality to the community.

investing in steem is nice!

I understand your point of view and I agree to it. Self voting on posts is not unfair in many ways. Firstly, number of posts published daily by users is small. Self votes won't consume all the power on self.

If you go through comments section as well, I have shared a soft corner for self voting on posts. It's the comments which caused concern and all the policing is aimed at comments as well.

For me personally, self voting on comments is a no no. Self voting on posts is not unfair or dangerous. I stopped doing it for quite a while but then I realized it won't be bad to help myself a bit when I help a lot of people with my upvotes.

I think that's what it comes down to. A no-no to abuse it on comments, and then at discretion for the articles. Obviously if someone is doing a lot of spammy posts and not putting any effort into composing an article and then upvoting each one, and not upvoting others then I think that person needs to be called out by the community and downvoted.

Absolutely agreed. To create posts with no value just to self vote should not be tolerated.

Ilyas this is a sensational guide. I love these tips because they apply to so many other networks too. I dig the idea of reciprocity. For now, I am popping in to share a video and comment on a few posts and upvote folks, along with tweeting their posts. I'll slowly add Steemit time as I move forward.

Thanks a lot, Ryan. The experience came from all the places on the internet; mainly blogging. Since Steemit is designed to be a long form content platform, bloggers do have edge in my opinion and experience. I hope you can make a small window for Steemit soon. Good luck!

Thank You for setting this up for all the new ones just coming over, I suspect with all the issues happening at yt more will be here. You have it well laid out and I hope folks take the time to check each link and perhaps book mark this page for review! Sharing to get it seen!

Thanks a lot @weetreebonsai. Wee Tree Bon Sai. Weetreebonsai. Haha. I gotta memorize this. Thanks for all your support. I remember great comments and support from you. Do know that I appreciate it. Upvoted your comment and followed you as a gesture of gratitude.

basically her name is small tree in a pot twice said :D I get a kick every time I see her post and help others out :)

Thanks a lot for this guide. Even after reading the Paper of Steemit, some of us, especially the beginners can still be confused sometimes. It took me a while to understand how Steemit works, so I know that a little help is always welcome !

Thanks for reading and giving your feedback. Yes, there are other sources of information but not so useful for beginners at times. I wanted to create this guide for everyone to save and share with anyone who wants to learn Steemit.

Thanks a lot. You are really doing amazing things. I've resteemed to let as maximum people know this valuable content. Moreover it's a ready reference guide especially for those whom I will personally refer.

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Great answer !
for most important questions on Steemit.
You are Super !
upvote & resteem.

Thanks for your feedback and appreciation.

Damn! I really appreciate useful posts like this and I look forward to seeing more of your content. Hoping we can connect and continue to evolve and learn from each other! Remember, be yourself, because nobody else does it better -- Full #Steem ahead @ilyastarar and keep up the good work :)

Much ❤

@taken I knew it had to be a copy paste comment because of its lightening fast timing. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

It's a little c/p but mostly custom for the post. I never have and never will leave a comment on a post I don't actually read. You have my word!

I did not read all of this but I will later on but I had to share to facebook as well as resteem this info needs to get out there :) do you know of anybody who does video tutorials real easy step by step ones ? thanks for sharing

Thanks for reading and comment. If I come across video tutorials, I will share with you here.

that would be great thank you :)

It's such a wonderful @ilyastarar bhai.

This is an excellent guide for beginnings as well as for those who may be introducing others to the platform. Weldone @ilyastarar

Thanks for your feedback @ekpezu

Although its pretty long but it is a great article

Thanks. Length means quality in the blogging world. More ofen than not. :)

Excelent and organized guide!

Thanks. I explained in one of the guides how to organize content like I do.

very good guide, thank you for the hard work ☺

Thanks a lot. I will soon post an article which will motivate you and so many other people who are getting frustrated due to lack of tangible upvotes. I'm included as well.

Excellent One Stop Shop for SteemIt, many thanks, just what i was looking for!

Thanks a lot. I would love to know your detailed feedback because you're just starting out and new to Steemit. Do let me know here about the level of help this guide gives you.

Wow! Upvoted, resteemed and bookmarked and opened all the links Whew! This was a huge effort and much appreciated. Thank you.

Thanks for your wonderful comment @fitinfun. Glad to be of help.

Great info, thanks for posting! I've only been on Steemit for about a month and this info is helpful.

Glad to help. Please resteem for

Most welcome @chillimilli786 I hope it helps you a lot and answers your questions.

Great post guide , I’m new on Steemit and this will help me to understand

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