One year on Steemit is all I needed

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This October 2018,I am completing my first year on Steemit. One year was enough for me to see what it is all about and it allowed to reach one final decisive conclusion: I want more.

When I began, like most spawned krill, I began with zero (0) influence and the nominal Steem Power. I have honestly made very little revenue from my posts. Most of the SP I use now is all bought. I exchanged my fiat for Steem in order to get more influence.

I purchased Steem because I wanted to make my vote count. I wanted to be able to reach at least .02 cents to say I gave someone my 2 cents on their toughts. I have purchased around USD $ 500 into Steem and now the account is worth USD $ 240. Here's the thing, I am totaly okay with that. The way I see it, I wasted more money on other more meaningless things that brought me nothing productive (like booze or cable tv). With Steem, I have found value in many things. Here are a few of the great things I have discovered on Steem:

Like-minded individuals:
Finding like-minded individuals in real life for me is a challenge. I live in small community and I don't find many free thinking individuals. Steemit has given an opportunity to meet so many individuals with whom I can share interests and ideas. Just to name a few.

Libertarian news sources:
In an era of misinformation and news manipulation, I find it very refreshing to read alternative media options. These are a few news outlets that I have come to know and enjoy exclusively on Steemit; they have certainly been worth my time here:


A community and a place for my thoughts:

Like the above mentioned, there are also other unique communities here on Steemit in which I share some of my interests. I really like the sailing community that is becoming connected here. I find stories and pictures of individuals sailing all over the world and publsihing their content here. I think that is very cool. The homesteading community is very impressive too. I love to see self sustained home projects and organic life style. It has inspired me also to learn more about organic farming and gardening for health purposes.

Finally, I enjoy Steemit because it is a trending place where I can share my thoughts. I do not write much at all here, so I do not expect significant payouts from my work, but that is changing. As I expand myself more into the role of being a writer, I think I will continue to share more and more here on Steemit.

I am actually very satisified with Steemit mainly because it is opening my eyes. I am seeing and understanding ideas that I was not exposed to before. Ultimately, some of these ideas particularly of Freedom are changing my life for the better.

I am looking forward to many more years on Steemit and hopefully meeting many more inspiring individuals.


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I believe that the steemit will change many and people will manage their own lives thanks to the decentralization of everything.

Good article
Keep up the good work

Well, I think that would be great. If decentralization means more Freedom then I agree with you.
I think that we all have the right to live free and full lives to the best of our abilites.
Greetings, my friend.