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RE: Steemit Earning Guide Series for Frustrated Minnows & Newbies - Part # 1 - Comment, Comment, Comment!!!

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Fantastic post as always Ilyas!
in the way of your posting I can see that you already understood important points in life.
These are well structured and very helpful tips you share with your community.
Another great guide for beginners and also for advanced persons on steemit.
Everyone should follow these tips.
Meaningless comments will rather push someone into the ground instead of pushing him up.

People like you should get more visibility so of course I will resteem this post :)


Thank you so very much, Jason. Such feedback is what keeps me going and this encouragement is priceless. I cannot thank you enough. You're on fire on Steemit and I know you will be HUGE soon. Don't forget me when you're rich. Haha!

Pleasure to know you since your introduction post.

Hahaha now I laughed
You'll big aswell, no doubt ;)

Also a pleasure for me. Thank you :)