Wedding reception aceh customs

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#ACEH is one of the most endowed provinces in Sumatra, #Aceh has a distinctive culture such as wedding reception, marriage receptions in #aceh all of its guests in the blast between men and women for wearing Islamic syariat law.




It is true that you say @ inok , #ACEH is one of the provinces that has its own culture that is guarded by Islamic law, our custom #Aceh has been known by all overseas, that #Aceh has the superior of the culture, the various tribes The variety of the tribe of Aceh, Alas, Gayo, Kulet, Simelu, Singkil, Tamiang, to Ulu, and also has dances such as Tarian Saman, Laweut Aceh, Tarek Pukat, Bines Didong, Rapai Geleng, Ula ula lembeng, Ratoh Duek Aceh, and many others too, this is just a little add to @inok, Love our culture, show our culture, Aceh Darussalam. your blog is good, best wishes for you.

terimakasih atas pujiannya, kita harus bangga pada budaya sendiri
terima kasih atas masukannya

great post, as usual!


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