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in #steemit4 years ago (edited)

So... You do something like @minnowsupport but not for free.

Also - @minnowsupport sometimes gives up to 50-60 different votes (depends on how many people participate at the time), while you offer 40.

Infact, even so, your service is still good, and I would still pay for it.

SteemIt has an interesting system. How much a vote is worth, depends on how many votes one has received before that. If randowhale upvotes me and he's the first upvoted, I'll receive less money, than if I have 100 upvotes and than randowhale upvotes me. Randowhale's vote itself will be worth more.

That means that for optimal effect:

  1. Get upvoted by minnowsupport, cuz it's free.
  2. Get updated by ninjawhale and other similar bulk upvotes.
  3. Get upvoted by cheap paid upvoters.
  4. Get updated by expensive paid upvoters.

Even so... I'm not sure if the difference in money will be big enough to justify your price.
Do some tests and review your price.