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I wish I had read this before sending $0.40 SBD

@ninjawhale do NOT give a huge $ boost to your post (Although yes it can be profitable at certain times). Instead we vote with all of our accounts giving your post a boost in upvotes. This will give your posts more exposure. In return you get more votes from users.

How does getting 40 votes worth nearly nothing get you "more exposure". How does this get you more votes from users? Do you resteem the post also?

It can be profitable at certain times? I've fallen for this kind of stuff before, send in $0.50, get $0.35. At least I recooped most of what I spent!

Here I sent in $0.40, oh look 38 upvotes worth $0.00, one worth $0.01 and another worth $0.03. Great, I turned my $0.40 into $0.04, thanks for moving the decimal place for me. That's a 90% loss!

It's like a vending machine offering a candy bar with a sign explaining that THIS vending machine (@ninjawhale) may only get 1/10th of a candy bar, we recommend you try these fine vending machines ( @randowhale @minnowbooster) that will give you 1 1/2 candy bars for the same price.

Yes, I do now understand more about @ninjawhale. Remove "whale" from your name. I've been robbed by a ninja.



"Remove "whale" from your name. I've been robbed by a ninja."

BEST post in this thread. Laughed my ass off. Upvoted to help you recoup a little.

No, You my friend are just blind.

No your right I didnt see that sorry

I'm sorry, @modiggy. I'll upvote some weeds and help you recoop some. @ironshield

Thanks man I really appreciate that.

Thanks @stuntworksinc. I wrote a post about it and the generosity of the steemit community is overwhelming. 40 worthless upvotes for .40 SBD


I agree also, not worth it, I just did it based on his gift post, upvotes with no value are essentially worthless; save your upvote for a post worthy of your upvote. I got .1 in return for .4. People who upvote past their worth of their vote also do nothing for themselves or others, except for getting their username exposed.

it will grow and entually become the biggest whalebot on Steemit

Thanks for your informed.. Otherwise, I'm also going to try it.. Now so many whales are born like blooming mushrooms..

Haha this is a great reply and explanation. its always good to have services to use but when offering 1/10th of what you are charging it is clear who is benefiting from the service