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RE: Steem Secrets #11 (Delivered By @sissyjill): On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.

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Such a privilege for you @sissyjill to speak up the words of @steemsecres.

On steemit, people will visit the DM(s) etc and say: "how do i get my posts to work like yours?

I may not be earning as huge as @surpassinggoogle, but some of people I was connected with on Steemit are telling me the same thing. I told them they must inculcate perseverance towards them. Likewise, I don't feel I am earning that much. But continue steeming really works, and not letting pessimism unnerve you.


I totally submit and agree with your point of view
Continue steeming really works, be dedicated
And also being yourself "" be yourself express yourself, have faith in yourself do not go out and look for successful personality and duplicate it "" you dont need to be @surpassinggoogle before you can be successful steemian

Persistence and the zeal never to quit is the drive still holding me here on steemit. I have been on other social network which don't pay at all and I didn't quit.
Then i see no reason why i should stop steeming cos i currently receives cent now.

Someday i will get to the level of @iyanpol12 and @surpassinggogle .

@sissyjill video's truly amazing. Sometimes our earnings here in steemit depends on our influencial. But good thing @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle are here for us to support for our efforts. I agree with you @iyanpol12 that we need lots of patience and continue steeming.

@juwel, I am just the lucky minnow that is so blessed to let you hear and learn the greatness of learning our own @surpassinggoogle's secrets for world-adjustment.

thank you for sharing this secrets to us thru your videos @sissyjill

Yes ofcourse @iyanpol12. It is my greatest delectation to speak the words of @steemsecrets. Everything should start within ourselves.

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