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RE: Steem Secrets #5 (Delivered By @allerie00): Much Of The INTEL That You Will Need, To Attain "Steemit" Success, Lies In "History".

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Oh, I can relate to this. In fact, Steemit landscape has evolved a lot! It' s something that many members today doesn't know. And it's something we should explain to them. In my almost 6 months as a Steemian, I saw the progress of Steemit.

There was no delegation function. So, were no delegation rentals or lease.
There were fewer curation guilds.
There were fewer whales.
There fewer avenues to earn steem apart from "creating posts".
More of the post payouts was in steem than is the case now.
The Reward curve wasn't linear, so minnow earned and gave out way less.
Steem was as low as 7 cents.
Steemit had more bugs.
There was a time when the reward pool went empty.
Bots earned more than humans.
Everyone was still novice or a learner when it came to steemit knowledge.
Flags where rampant and there experiments that involved flags.
Cheetah was hyperactive.
There were fewer steemit communities, fewer discord help servers etc.
There were no bid bots.
There wasn't full-blown steemit promotion.
There were fewer steem apps; that is; there was no dtube, dmania, busy, steepshot, dlive, dsound etc
There were limited helpers because "helpers" were seeking help too.

These ones are really true! But we are still here and never gave up. I am still a minnow, but I feel like a whale as @surpassinggoogle makes us feel we are.

Thanks again for these great motivational words again.


These words are very motivational to say the least, giving up should not even be an option, I always believe things will get better here. Call it faith, call it fore-sight. And I am so happy I stayed. Some of my colleagues left, at the earliest stage when they discovered they were earning a few cents but trying now to get back and start from the scratch. They have regrets for leaving in the first place.

Oh, yeah! I remember before when I had cents or even zero. But I did not let it stop me. Why? There's something within me that says go on. Now, I am teaching tons of members about Steemit. I used to be posting and upvoting before, but I am trying to help members who needs help. Again, I am still a minnow, but I feel like a whale.

this is a great and very inspiring post.
let us do our history here.

the words and wisdom to rebuild yourself and try to look at the past on how the community grows.

I'm so amazed steemians who take the challenge it is not all about them and sbd but the words that inspired real people, in the reality steemit world reputation base on its platform changes the lives of everybody,

it is not all about money but the knowledge and the positivity on shared by real people.

These words make me restless. I quest for greatness on Steemit. I take time to make reasonable posts but I get way too low encouragements for it. With words like this sir, I am confident it is just a matter of time...Thanks for making those encouraging comments.

Yes people stayed, they persevered and so they are now reaping fruits. You did well in staying put.

Thanks for stopping by to drop this comment. I feel encouraged

Wow you've been here in the platform quite long! I wish I had experienced what you've experienced before but since we can't have a time machine, this 5th secret revealed helps a lot of people to understand history and to be thankful for we are in the steem at the best time but we should also consider to depend on ourselves and on the information that we are about to post. Keep steeming! :)

6 months might sound long, but I still have lots to learn, and still lots to share. Motivating other people is not easy when you yourself needs motivation as well. I have been through different phase which is even harder than newer members do face at the moment. I recently wrote about exploring Steemit and don't dwell on the knowledge you have now. Acquiring knowledge is never-ending. The same case here on Steemit.

I am glad the 5th secret was revealed so people will learn and know the history of Steemit. In fact, I have been telling newer members who are almost giving up to keep Steeming. I kept telling them what it's like being a Steemian before and being a Steemian now. There's huge difference. By this, thanks to @steemsecrets for this finally revealed which supports our claim so newer members won't stick to being demotivated.

Thanks for this knowledge that is necessary for us who is still starting to discover more of what steemit has and what we can do to contribute for its progress. I know in the future steemit will become the most engaged social media platform by many people. They still have to know what it can offer to this world and to the betterment of the lives of the many. :) thanks for sharing this one to us @iyanpol12 :)

Indeed! Please let us support @surpassinggoogle also by voting his witness account steemgigs. Here is a link that does this using steemconnect.

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