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What more can I say than to THANK YOU LORD
What more can I do than to PRAISE YOU LORD
Even if i have ten thousand tongues it is not enough to thank YOU ABBA FATHER
for YOU have done it again for me, YOU have done so much for me OH LORD and i can not tell it all

Although life have not been easy for me but with a grateful heart I thank You Lord for giving me another opportunity to make things right with You. Thank You Lord for adding 1 to my age today. I am grateful for everything You have been doing in my life and that of my family.
LORD I pray, as You have added 1 year old to my life... i decree and declare more Grace to my hustle, abundant blessings, long life and prosperity. Make my dreams a reality and my heart desires into fulfillment .... in JESUS CHRIST NAME i pray.....Amen!!!

Friends!!! help me and thank God... I'm +1 today
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me, myself and I @iykeconero