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RE: Asking for a delegation to Steemit and misterdelegation to help in the support and fight together against old witnesses of the new clone called ¨H¨.

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Hello @edgarare1

I'm just an observer of everything that goes on. I'm just a minnow and my voice doesn't get very far. But I like to help those who ask for support in any way I can (voted and resteemed).

I'd like to think that my actions are not bound by money and sometimes I wonder what is more important? To be heard or to be rewarded. To be commented on or to be voted on? And unfortunately, it seems it's always the same conclusion, it is still money that talks.

There are many injustices that bother me from both sides. I must confess that at this moment I support both platforms as it is an opportunity to double my entries (again, money talks).

It is clear that there is a behavior that could be born from the depths of a dark heart of a hater or troller that is the product of some resentment because of an unjust act that was never condemned and consumed by the desire for revenge and justify their actions due to this premise; which caused all this fuss...

I am very aware that both parties are looking after their own interests and profits and they will most certainly not give a damn pickle about my opinion; if they delete me or block me it will not take away their sleep.

I also wonder why both platforms cannot live together at the same time? Although, in the end, I am sure that one of the networks will be forgotten or, in the best case, to "survive", will be used for another interest that draws attention in some other way than blogging (probably games, dapps, finance, etc).

Finally, I'll probably choose to go where most people go. Social networks are very whimsical and fickle. Today one thing is fashionable and tomorrow it's history.

I hope those fellows give you their support and delegation you need.

And don't forget, stay safe and take care of you and your love ones :)


Hello @jadams2k18

It is true everything you said, possibly one of the two chains will be forgotten, but I can be sure that @steemit and @steem together with the #TRON foundation will be long. I can also tell you that the new clone called ¨H¨ will survive because they need the help of our new investor @justinsunsteemit.

Let me tell you something, not only are you excluded that your posts or comments are of importance to the old witnesses, the entire community is excluded, the community does not interest them, so do not feel bad, the work you do is valuable to many people from the community.

I can mention to you that very large accounts that I have followed for a while and that I want to share with you today were excluded and tortured by the old witnesses and whales and erased from the radar so that no one voted their publications are @haejin and @ranchorelaxo are accounts that for a time They have been against the government of the old witnesses and whales, now I hope that they also come back and fight with us for @steemit for something was true and they were absolutely right @haejin and @ranchorelaxo for being against the old witnesses and whales, and the entire community did not notice a thing.

Thank you for your support.