Recruiting New Users to Steemit this Holiday Season

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"Whats New?"

It's that time of year again and most of us get to re-connect with family and friends we might not have seen in a while. It is the time where we ask and answer the "what's new?" question and talk about what we've been up to. For me, not much is that new, I am working the same job I was last year (hopefully this is the last year I have to say that) so the one thing I do get to mention is my newfound interest in crypto currencies, block-chain technology in general, and of course, Steemit.

Introducing People to Steemit

At this point, everyone has at least heard of bitcoin. They may not know much about the block-chain, but in my experience, unless they have put money into bitcoin/cryptos, many people are tired of hearing about it and even annoyed when the subject is brought up. If not this, they at least talk about it in a joking manner. Both of these two types of people will either call cryptos a bubble, scam, valueless, or some other skeptical word. Side note - I think it is hilarious that there are people I know that check the price of bitcoin more than I do, calling it a bubble and waiting for it to crash, and they don't even own any. Anyways, there is a lot of skepticism towards cryptos so if someone thinks bitcoin is a scam, it will not be easy for them to accept the idea of Steemit either.

Here's How I Did It

Some people will not want to listen about ideas such as these so you should use your judgement as to who you are talking to and also you should never try too hard to force anyone into accepting anything, as always. However, as the Steemit users, we are the main source of advertising the platform, we are a huge factor in the future success of Steemit.
We can take this time to try and get our friends and family to join. Since everyone has heard of bitcoin, use this as the conversation starter. If they quickly call it "just a bubble or a scam" ask them if they are actually familiar with the technology behind it. Prepare answers to the same comments/questions all the naysayers have about cryptos. Being prepared to answer the most common skeptical comments people have about crytpos is key. Once this conversation has been had, that is when you can transition the conversation into Steemit. We all know the value proposition of Steemit so from this point it is pretty straightforward. If you have made some money off of Steemit already, this is a great selling point.

At the end of the day, this is just a snowflake in the metaphorical avalanche of conversations you will be having, but you might as well try to spread the word and help build the future of this great platform.


Merry Christmas / Happy holidays to you and yours!


still havent made my intro post yet

haha only have 6 days left in the year better hurry

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