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Good morning to all of you crypto lovers out there at steemit! Welcome to episode 2 of The Money Show!

I plan on letting my video do most of the talking for me since I'm the host of the show. However, I would
like to at least write a brief paragraph or two to introduce the videos, at least until I get a more steady
audience to keep tuning into the airwaves of my fun, fast, and friendly steemit MONEY SHOW!

As always I love having people post comments, resteeming, and upvoting my post(s).

I hope you all having a great day at and I wish you the best of luck with your investments!!


That was something didn't know. Thanks man . :)

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Hey @jamie-smith I enjoyed this 2 episode of The Money Show! Thanks for sharing about the slider bar (for adjusting vote power), which apparently shows up in our accounts, when one has at least 500 Steem Power, with your fellow Steemians!

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Thank you very much, my friend!

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I wish you a happy life as well!!

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Right on, good luck man! Much appreciated and excelsior!

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