Results: Brain Challenge on Steemit #All2one

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Answer: 87


ID Participant
1 @barbara-orenya
2 @rycharde
3 @rishi556
4 @alokkoshal
5 @kathieletalis
6 @gem777
7 @jznsamuel
8 @best-pomchi-ever
9 @igsamuel
10 @point
11 @alphacore
12 @jihane-rafiai
13 @davrath
14 @bthomas3664



ID Participant
1 @kathieletalis

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great job running the contests!

I'm the winner of the "I'm not going to upvote you 🐋 Do it yourself! #9 Contest"
Just gave a whale vote courtesy @htooms's for your efforts (Check out his blog)! thanks and keep up the great work @jznsamuel!

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it :)

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