Why does a child depress?

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Humans are to a large extent the fruit of our environment. The people who look after us in our early years are of decisive importance in what we will be, they leave an indelible mark. So there are certain traits that differentiate children from depressed mothers to others.

Some studies have shown that the brains of children of mothers with mental disorders differ from those of others. The amygdala is larger, although the neurophysiological cause is not yet known. The magnitude of its consequences is not known either. It has only been shown to be a condition that occurs in children with emotional deprivation. The incidence of a depressed mother is so great that it even leaves physical traces.


A depressed mother may not be psychologically available to fully meet the emotional and sometimes physical needs of her children. So, one of the best things they can do for themselves and their children is to treat their depression professionally. Otherwise, it will not only be harder for them to have children, but they can also cause long-term harm to young children.


interesante aporte sobre el comportamiento humano, y sobre todo de las nuevas generaciones

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