STEEMIT BLOGGERS - "Officially" LIKE A BOSS!!! hehehehe!

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When I started the Steemit Bloggers discord server,
I had a vision of creating a family.
Not a hierarchy with an army style regiment,
But rather, a REAL FAMILY…
Where the individuals know what’s happening
in one another’s virtual AND physical lives.
A family where genuine love, support, enthusiasm,
kindness and care are second nature.
A family where we not only share our creative talents,
but one where everyone can comfortably express ANYTHING…
be it fears, accomplishments or goals.
A family where we can discuss, debate and most importantly

Today was a particularly exciting one on the Steemit Bloggers Server as our dedicated Steemit account was approved!!! YAY!!!!! I have been chomping at the bit for almost two weeks now, waiting for the approval to go through... so it was a fantastic surprise to get to my desk this morning and see an email from Steemit waiting for me in my inbox!

I TOTALLY did a little


(ok, it wasn't that little lol)

which then turned into a "group affair"
after I made the announcement
on our discord server... hehe!

As I explained in the brief intro post on the Steemit Bloggers feed,
this account has been started to further the support and growth of our community.

The Steemit "NEW" and "TRENDING" feeds will be scoured on a regular basis, looking for members posts with the #steemitbloggers tag and in a scattered manner (so as to not annoy others by clogging their feeds), the posts discovered will be resteemed.

As this account grows, this will be a truly fantastic way for members to reach an additional audience that they would not have otherwise. It also gives everyone's posts a second life - which is not something that happens everyday on the Steemit platform.

Over and above the resteems which will be offered by our official page, it will also be the place where community updates and developments will be shared on a regular basis as well as where our "Member Highlight" posts will be published from this point forward.

From the time I launched the Steemit bloggers server,
the intention and objective has been to create a dedicated community of bloggers,
where quality content was of the utmost importance.

We have been around for several months now and there has been a lot of spade work put into the efficient and sometimes (necessary) ruthless management of the server. We have had hundreds of people walk through our "doors" over this period. Some have made the grade and others simply didn't.

It is never an easy thing to say goodbye to members, no matter what the reason but in order to retain an undiluted standard of quality, this has been pivotal.

I am very pleased to say that since we closed our doors to the public a little while back, the community has grown in leaps and bounds in terms of individual member growth and just general positive movement forward.

We are now completely rid of
plagiarists, spammers, slackers, chancers and fly by nights.

In addition to what I do in terms of management in the community, which I absolutely LOVE dedicating my time to on a full time basis now - I would also like to say a huge thank you to ALL the members of our family who are endlessly there to help others with questions, issues, troubleshooting, brainstorming, support rallying etc.

We truly do have one of the most uniquely talented,
admirably authentic, tirelessly passionate
and brilliantly energetic community servers on the discord platform.
We are a SHINING EXAMPLE of what REAL TEAM SPIRIT is all about
and I am SO proud to call each and every one of you family!

And as I said in the server a little earlier today...


So on that note...
I am THRILLED to invite EVERYONE to join us on the official




As @zord189 depicted VERY aptly on the server earlier today...
(except I chose a MUCH cooler GIF for the boyzzz lol)

The boys be like...

and the girls be like...



Until next time...

Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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I am just so so happy about this, cannot describe this in words. A few days back I was thinking about why we don't have a separate @steemitbloggers account and wanted to talk to you about it but it skipped my mind and today, we have our home for real. You have put in so much efforts for this @jaynie. Thank you for being our guiding light. <3

Thank you angel... it was EQUALLY as frustrating for me having to wait I can assure you!!! lol But no matter, HERE WE ARRRREEE!!!! :)

Here we go, swords and shields in hand. Steemit better watch out when the #Steemitbloggers come around. And we'll always be around! :):):)

Damn straight! @inalittlewhile :D

Really awesome and it really is a great community, we'll done @jaynie, proud to be a part of it!

And thrilled to have you with us angel xxx

Aww thankyou xx

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Well done! I can't wait to see where this group goes. You astound me with all that you do and how amazing this group has become. Kudos!


without each and every one of you... this would be nothing! So thank you to you too hon! xxx


Wicked cool gif
coming once I'm
back at my computer

hehehehehe!!!!! Looking forward to it!!!

Didn't have as much time as I wanted to pretty it up, but here goes -


oh you are a genius hon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehehe that is EPIC!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

hahahaha I love seeing what you're going to come up with on these...this was killed me :) Classic cheese haha

LOL! So glad I'm making someone giggle besides myself. You might appreciate my response to a comment from a random spammer on my most recent post... 😊

I'm going to check it out, because truthfully, I giggle at all of your little pics:)

Wao! this is a great achievement and a vision come through. Am happy that you are committed to bringing @steemitblogger to reality. Keep the fire burning

Resteemed :) Hope it helps @jaynie !

Every SINGLE BIT counts angel xxx thank you!!

With every step we get stronger and wiser.
In our unity there is an enormous power!

Thanks for making this!

Agreed @spellmaker!!! And it was my pleasure!

what a fantastic achievement, everyone should be proud of themselves for their contribution to making this happen and a big thanks to @jaynie who leads the team.

Yes, we should ALL be proud!!!! thanks angel!

This is the beginning of something big! I can feel it! Having a dedicated account opens a lot of doors. I am so happy that I can help this thing grow right from day one. It feels great getting in on the ground floor and sharing the experience with everyone.

I would HAVE to agree with you there @chrismccron :) Exciting times ahead

Wow what an accomplishment! I cannot wait for you to open the doors on the Steemit Bloggers community. It sounds like a fabulous place to be involved and I'm in serious need of some community around here, being new and all. Off to read the new account's intro and follow for more posts!!

Hi @keciah, I am intending to start extending exclusive invites in the next month or two. I have added you to the list and will make contact with you closer to the time. In the interim, perhaps you can connect with me on discord... jaynie#9450

Way to go @jaynie!!! I'm so glad to be a part of our lil' family of spectacular peeps!! :) Cheers!

thanks hon!!!

Congratulations! What a thoughtful and creative idea. 💜

It is a fantastic achievement, everyone should be proud of themselves for their contribution to making this happen and a big thanks to @jaynie.

wow...this is so lovely...great accomplish ment...kudos
plz how do i join d steemit bloggers??

Thanks for sharing this post.i like steemit blogger.
I appreciate your blog.
Best of luck

Awsmmm, love to join, em new on steemit.. u gave us a platform where we can grow... thx....stay happy...:-)@jaynie


Congratulations @jaynie. Duly deserved. Well done.

Many thanks


This nice post i appreciate your blogs thanks for sharing... and resteemit..

Wow.....amazing. You doing a good job and i wanna be a part of steemitbloggers, so how do i join.

How does one join Steemitbloggers? I can't find the server on Discord.

Hi @retiredinsamar Our doors are currently closed to the public, but I am intending to start extending exclusive invites in the next month or two. I have added you to the list and will make contact with you closer to the time. In the interim, perhaps you can connect with me on discord... jaynie#9450

This is a great announcement from you. The best i have heard today. The discord has been a real family where everyone is always ready to help one another. You have really birth a good initiative for us to lap up. Well done.
Congratulations to us as we move on

Happy to being a family member of steemit...

when you started it I was with you, and I will be will you :)

Grateful to be part of the team!
...and it's only getting better!
Thanks @jaynie for All you do.

You have been doing a hard fair work. I bow you with respect. We played with my granddaughter shopping. She was a shop assistant. I forgot to get my change and heard: Your change, sir. The girl will be like… God bless you for making the world better.

Like this post like:Screenshot_20180210-135027.jpg

Very good post @jaynie

Congrats @jaynie this team and members have the WOW factor, great community and brilliant bloggers supporting each other.

Wow! Impressive. You did it. Congratulations to you. Good job and you should be proud.

Alright. Hahaha. If you know what I mean. Lol.

Any chance I can get a link to the discord server? Would love to connect with you guys and hopefully put out some decent content.