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RE: Steemit Earning Guide Series for Frustrated Minnows & Newbies - Part # 1 - Comment, Comment, Comment!!!

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nice. Plz follow me. I beg you...
Just kidding..😁

But the post is really well written. I can see why people prefer to write posts rather than comments. Its because they think that posts are the major source of income and they have to push out anything to let people know they can write.

This is clearly wrong. To second ilyas's opinion, let me tell ya'll that i made 2 posts today and commented on like 14 different other posts. So thats what you should do.. its never an obligation on author that since you have commented on their post so now they have to give you an upvote. Sometimes my comments go unnoticed too. But thats part of being here on steemit. We are not Martin Luther King who should be rewarded on every word and sentence we utter or write..

Let it go. Move on. And always mix it up.. comment on new authors everyday. I, for one, follow this practice to go alphabetically in my followers list and watch recent posts from lets say people whose account begin with "a". And next day i move to accnt names starting with "b" and so on and so forth..

It will not only get you upvotes, but also will get you followers..

Ilyas, nice work. I am going to resteem it..


Thanks a lot for this comment. The guidance here is also of good value to readers. Thanks for adding that value.

The practice of commenting on variety of authors' work is a good practice. I would recommend that too.

Good idea to go through your followers alphabetically. I will surely start doing that too.