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How in the world do you lose 10 months of your life?


Honestly, its probably not lost..... possibly wasted, but not lost. That is where I am ... contemplating what happened over the last several months to have not been tracking along with you all here on Steemit.

Life happens.


Real life... the good kind... the ugly kind... the awkward kind... the depressing kind.... the most awesome kind of life.

Photo of me and my awesome G-Baby

When social media isn't the mainstream of your daily routine and life throws you curve balls... heck... straight balls, fuzzy balls, any balls at all.... well, I guess things just get pushed around until you figure out the order they need to be in.

Mental organization, so to speak.

It just took me longer to get back here than planned.

There is no rhyme or reason to this first back-to-steemit post... but just to let you know that I hope to spend more time blogging here - because its worth my time. Unlike time spent doodling around places that I am censored beyond my anger threshold.


So... THANK YOU... for stopping by to read ... to give a kind word... and to allow me to humor and indulge my over-sharing personality with you all.

I have lots to share.. from Bible Conferences to Airbags going off while you’re sittin in the parking lot. I do hope you’ll return for more!

must also brush up on html




Welcome back!!!!

Airbag going off on its own...hum...that should be interesting to hear about! :-D

THank you... I will be doing that blog today... stay tuned.

So nice to "meet" you @jeejee. I saw you through a resteem and then a comment interaction, with @ironshield or @simms50 - can't remember now. But it's funny reading your "back to steemit" post of a week ago as I did the same! I've only been away 3 or 4 months and also on the fence. But probably for different reasons to you ;)

Cool! Glad to meet ya... 👍👍 I can not spend a lot of time on here but I try to give it quality time when I do. Have a great weekend!