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Thank you to all of my followers! I currently have 599! Who wants to make my 600th follower!

All commenters to this post will receive a follow and 100% upvote!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!



Hi how's ur day going??

Have a great weekend.

Nice work - I'm looking forward to having that many Steemit followers one day (though I'm pretty happy with 99 in 3 weeks).

You rock! Thank you! Following you too! A rating of 48 in 3 weeks is great!

Thanks. I've had some good support from @teamaustralia, and some good advice regarding persistence and effort.

Great. I've followed @teamaustralia now!

Congratulations on 600 followers! You have received a 100% upvote from @daviddivergent

Thank you!!

I Think I am one of your newest followers :)

Thanks for following.. following you too now!

Congrats on passing 600 followers, I'm sure it will be 1000 before too long.

I hope I can do as well as you have.

im happy to be one of the 600 followers! Congratulations brother

Thank you! Good to see your frequent comments. I appreciate that. I'll definitely be sending you some up votes!

super appreciate you brother!!

I see you allready have more then 600
You have great losts i'm sure you will get 1k followers very fast

Thank you!

Sure brother i'll be your 600 :)

I am new here so working on making new friends.

Nice to meet you i am Pasha, and I believe I am your 600 ;)


Thank you! You rock! You got a follow too!

Congrats on your 600 followers.
Can I ask you something.
How much did you pay for the jerrybanfield bot and if you waited for last minute bid. ( doing research ) .

Hi! I sent 5 SBD.. you can send I think 1+ SBD.. it hasn't proven to generate a good return.. just good for exposure I guess. It typically results in a -5% ROI is what I've been noticing.. I didn't do it last minute.. I did it 1.5hrs before.

not a good return at all. I will experiment with the 4 big bots , I think that they will provide better overall ROI.

Well done i'm following you as well now

Thank you!

i would love to be that🙈I have no chance mu🙏

some days ago, I have followed you.

Thank you! Following you now. I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

many many thanks my dear.

congratulations to his followers who have reached 600, hopefully the future will get better and also the followers growing more and more.
congratulations friends, good luck continued.

I see that you just joined steemit this month.. good for you for already achieving a 32 rating! I'm now following you!

I am new Follower.

Nice to see you mr. @jeff747
Iam diana from indonesia
Im glad to know you

Thank you jeff747 for making a transfer to me for an upvote of 5.53% on this post!

Half of your bid goes to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem like our top 25 posts on Steem!

The other half helps holders of Steem power earn about 60% APR on a delegation to me!

For help, will you please visit https://jerrybanfield.com/contact/ because I check my discord server daily?

To learn more about Steem, will you please use http://steem.guide/ because this URL forwards to my most recently updated complete Steem tutorial?

Thanks you my friend.
I want lije you jn steemit

Weldon I appreciate you and following you sir❤

Great awesome

I congratulate on good achievement)


Congratulation @jeff747 i'm one of your first followers!! You re always supporting me i wanna say : Thank you Jeff!

Wish you amazing day bro :) follow you !!

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