Witness Voting. Who are you voting for and why?

in #steemit3 years ago

I just voted for @jerrybanfield for a witness for my 1st time ever witness vote. I voted for Jerry because I truly feel he is a major contributor to this platform in so many ways.

It says I have 30 witness votes. I'm curious as to what you all use to consider for voting witnesses. I don't want to just vote for anyone.

Looking for some feedback for who else I should vote for.



Nice to have you voting for witnesses. Most here don't even know what they are.

We are conducting a marketing experiment, designed to demonstrate ways to pay the witnesses and authors on Steemit after the inflation rate goes to zero. You may be interested in this chance to win 100 SBD. All proceeds from upvotes are donated back to the rewards pool. There is absolutely no cost to participate.


Great. Thanks for letting me know this. I will certainly participate.

Thank you and good Luck!

Very nice

I will vote for whoever convinces me that there is an effective way to protect the community from tyrants like @berniesanders. If we find our way into the community by way of @haejin's content, there's little chance to succeed here because our content becomes suppressed by @berniesanders and his army of bots.

I've never withdrawn a dime from the STEEM blockchain, yet I'm being attacked daily for commenting on @haejin's post on the 2nd day after my account was approved.

This is my single criteria for a witness. What can you do to stop tyrannical suppression from running rampant in this community?

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