3 Alternatives to Browse Steem When Steemit.com is Offline! ChainBB, Busy.org, and eSteem

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While steemit.com appears to be under a DDOS attack today preventing most of us from browsing or using it, fortunately the Steem blockchain as a whole is decentralized and is functioning well! Once we are aware of alternatives to using steemit.com to interact with the Steem blockchain, we can easily switch when steemit.com is having problems or if we prefer the interface on any of the three below!

  1. ChainBB at https://beta.chainbb.com/ by @jesta gives us an interface that is more like the forums we are used to where the posts with the newest comments rise up to the top. All posts from steemit.com automatically appear on ChainBB in forums matching the tags used. To fund development, ChainBB takes 15% of author rewards on post. For example, earning about $100 on a post would lead to curators earning about $25 from upvotes before the author reward. Next, ChainBB would take about $10 of the remaining $75 with the author receiving about $65. No fee is taken on comments or upvotes.
  2. https://busy.org by @ekitcho, @fabien, @nil1511, @p0o, and @yamadapc is what I am using to write this post because the ChainBB interface requires me to put an image in whereas here on busy.org I can just drop it in. While busy.org does not charge a fee, the last post I submitted did not work correctly and I am giving it a second chance today on this post. Busy.org makes it easier to browse specific followers and has wallet functionality as well!
  3. https://eSteem.ws by @good-karma is available on iOS and Android making it the only mobile app I know of that currently interacts with the Steem blockchain. eSteem allows sign in with any key or password while providing the option to us Russian Steem clone https://golos.io/.

To see these in action, watch the new video I just made on YouTube!

Thank you for reading this post which I hope is helpful in showing alternatives to steemit.com when it is down!


Jerry Banfield


Nice post

Thanks for letting everyone know what is happening and for having workarounds. It is great you took the time to explain how to use these workarounds. This is a good test for the community and shows how the blockchain will continue, but what would an EMP or something like that do to system and the blockchain? I have always thought that the good folks with Anonymous would be able to keep the system up or recover quickly if say the government was to hit "the Switch" and shut the internet down. Can the government even do that, shut the internet off? What about the world wide web? I still don't know the difference and they tell me there is one? Anyway, Thanks @jerrybanfield and I made you my Proxy Witness because I believe you have INTEGRITY. Check out @QiQi-Power she is awesome and @steemthat is more than a bot, it has become a "Freedom Cell" that is a good word for what SteemThat.com is a community that is growing!

Thanks, Jerry😍
I'm actually ON Busy.com now. Working great. I've upvoted and resteemed this post and am now commenting. I LOVE that there are alternatives for us (in times of need). LOL!😆

To those new to Busy (like me), it works much like Facebook and is super easy to nagivate. Come on over!

Carrie thank you for joining me on busy.org today and being one of the first to comment here!

Thank YOU for... well, for a LOT!

Question - I've just watched your video but when I post on Steemit it automatically posts on busy ... does it work bacwards as well?? confused.com here

Never heard of it until now, but I am willing to try after this annoying day :)

Thats Great, would try it out as said.

Thank you for this! You have made my steemit withdrawals a lot less painful lol
Best wishes :) @splendorhub logo.png

how did you withdraw it?

steemit - fantastic.gif Work!

Wished I knew before it went down lol.

everybody is shocking first time when site go down :D

Hi Jerry, I have been following you for a couple of weeks, and like you am all in on Steemit. Now of course I don't have nearly as much invested, but I have all my crptocurrency budget invested, and I have been sharing and talking about Steemit....But, I struggle with this website, its like a 90's website, and it works like a dial up....I am barely learning this site and then to go and try and learn other sites? I'm definitely not trying to be negative, just real. This is what people will feel and think when interfacing with this site. Is there changes coming? How can we make this more user-friendly. Again, I am on the band wagon, but I am looking for some confidence.....Thanks again, hopefully you have seen my other replies! Much Love..

Yes I believe a new interface is in development which is supposed to be beautiful!

Hopefully not like Reddit.. ahahha I found reddit 'messy'....

Thanks Jerry for your time to respond. It is much appreciated! Do you have anywhere I can learn about my Steem Power and how it is supposed to be used. I don't understand how my 100% works, and how much I get to vote, etc? Any info for me is greatly appreciated!!Thanks again!!

I find that the simple interface actually makes it easier to work with. Why do you need so much eye candy and confusion on-screen?

Thanks Jerry! You are a Steem Jedi! In my best Yoda voice: "The answers for all have you."

Thank you Denise!

@jerrybanfield I hope it's OK to leave this comment here, which I've also left on another post. This man, whose posts are fabulous imho, is a Facebook whale: @thedonfreeman. He has 5+ millions of followers. He states in the LFN (Looking for a Niche) Discord trail that he is open to partnering with people. Your FB followers and the Don's combined might generate a tidal wave of interest. I spotted his message a few weeks back so things might have changed - apologies if I've got anything wrong here or if it's a no go but that has the potential be a mega boost for steemit......I'd suggest checking our The Don if you're interested - he's great.

In decent DDOS attack sthough steemit was down for few hours. Due to the alternatives- esteem, busy.org and chainbb it was accessible. And, STEEM blockchain was not affected. Recently LTC was DDoS and had 190hrs delay that took weeks to clear up. It also means steemit is getting attention :)

I wonder who paid some one to carry out the ddos attack... a steemit opposition perhaps...

Quite useful information, I think many users do not know that there are other ways of using Steemit than the official website.

Personally I use eSteem. It takes 5% fee from posts and comments.

DDOS is the pits today!!

There is a 4th one for any savvy ones that also run steem blockchain at home... you just pop up the steemit.com web code and run it on a webserver of your choice =) Yes... expensive and somehow tricky for most public maybe... but you will never be down. I might give it a try once my memory arrives.

they are all trustable?

In wich one can i also power down?

Thanks for the great info! Glad that we are on the blockchain, otherwise i don't think a centralise platform would survive such constant ddos attack

You can attack one platform but you can't attack the blockchain. Few days ago a first photography community BeScouted went on Steem blockchain so if such misfortune happens again you can upload your photos there and they will be safely on your timeline with any upbotes received on BeScoyted during the downtime. So as the time hoes there will be no point to attack steemit at all as you can not attack all the websites that run on Steem blockchain at once. We are welcome to join our communitybof outstanding photographers if you are into photography as we also have an amazing casting tool in case you need other team members for your project. Check us out as you will get rewarded for your content the same as on steemit. Cheers! BeScouted

thanks for your helpfully post.

Wow! This article of @jerrybanfield is just in time. Since we encounter the attacks and the steemit was offline for several hours and most of us dont know what to do, dark clouds were building in our minds - what if steemit will not be back online or what if my investment were all gone and etc. - so much for that - what if's...

This article gives us hope since we have now an alternative sites to visit if steemit will be offline again. I will be saving this article for my future use if ever there will be another blockout in steemit world.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing this. It greatly help us in times of steemit crisis. :)

@jerrybanfield One Day at a Time I live with NO FEAR.........................

Thank you Mr Banfield for this information.
These alternative will come in handy if another event like today's happens again.

  • Tom

The key to success is decentralization. I'm working through the esteem all day, it's really fantastic.

Thanks for the information, if it happens again I'll take it into account

I use busy.org too. It’s pretty cool.

you must be kidding man
i was expecting to make this post and share in this platform
by the way
nice work

Yesterday, there are Steemitians who reached out and suggested me to visit beta.chainbb.com, busy.org, and eSteem.ws. It is a good thing that there is someone like you, Jerry, who shared these alternatives options for everyone to use if Steemit will be under DDOS attack again.

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Hello Jerry, Thanks for writing this post. I hope that you received my message on Steemit Wallet. I used Steemkr.com yesterday when Steemit.com was down. I do have eSteem app installed on my iPhone which makes it very easy to use Steemit on the go.

Busy.org Interface

Busy.org has the easy interface for people who are comfortable with terminology like Like, Comment or Reblog instead of upvote, reply or resteem. We use Reply for comment and both replies on the comment, but on busy.org they use comment and reply(reply is for replying to the comment. I have written a post how I was using steemkr.com and translated the Korean language to English. It has the same interface as the Steemit.com. The only difference is the language which you can easily translate using the Chrome built-in translator. If anyone here wants to check out the article that I wrote then here it is. Click Here To View The Article

I did not know about beta.chainbb.com, so thanks for that info.

Interesting! I've created my account here in steemit just yesterday and have encountered this issue wherein site went inaccessible. Well, thank you for this alternative. I'll definitely give it a try .

Very true, i am currently using Busy.org as Steemit is doing Police and Thieves with me and i won't get a sleep if i do not browse steemit in a day!

Appreciate your effort to clearify this ,,, made a similar post early this morning but yours looks well explained

Mind blown. I knew steemit had a blockchain operating behind the scenes somewhere but as a a newer user I had no idea how I could access it aside from Steemit. Cool!

And here I thought i couldn't post because of my phone...Geez im never gonna retire at this rate 🤔. Thanks anyways! Your the best jerry!💪

Nice! I was looking for some alternatives and here you are! Thanks dude!

Today I was scared to try to login, and giving a page error, thank you very much for the information.

Thank you Mister jerry

It would be good to get this out on days like today to the other sites people will check like twitter using #sttemit tag and on the fcebook page. It is good to see things going back to normal, my friend

I tried busy.org yesterday as someone gave this tip on FB, but I still prefer the original Steemit. Will try the others.

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So it was not the blockchain that was attacked, only the websites steemit.com and steemd.com?
I figured myself I should try busy.org (the name I remembered) but when I tried to sign in to it, it tried to connect to steemit.com, and failed like I did, so was it an alternative only for those whom already signed in?

Thank you for the post. You are the reason I am here :)

Thank you Jerry for all the useful tips. I follow all your videos on YouTube as well. Found them very helpful

@jerrybanfield can you please get a time machine? I needed this info about 18 hours ago.

Good point @jerrybanfield. I didn't even think of alternatives.

i am inspire watch your video on #youtube .... now i am on #steemit .but my post are not get up vote ....can you help me on steemit @mrs.roy my account.
can you tell me how to get vote and steem doller. please help me i glad to you..i like your post. please check my post.

Much appreciated Jerry! You are a Steem Jedi! In my best Yoda voice: "The responses for all have you.

It's definitely important to keep our core blockchain as decentralized as possible. I recently did up a report of the current state of our blockchain decentralization if anyone is interested in checking it out. In my opinion we could definitely use quite a few more seed nodes across more countries.

If you're interested, you can find the report here

I actually like chainbb interface better, it only took half a day of not being to go on steemit to find it

Exactly! The same recurring again and again. Thank you for letting us know

Tnx Jerry for the information. It really troubles me a lot. In your news, I fell relax .

I know this sites. It is pretty good alternative.

This epiphany struck me as well during the outage. Though, I didn't think of ChainBB. Busy was a bit slow, but at least I was able to browse a bit and send some replies. The same went for eSteem. For some reason, even the alternatives were a bit slow yesterday as well. Could be just a coincidence.

Thank you so much for your valuable information.

Thank you for this information. Because of this post, I know the IOS App. I will try it now. I hope it’s working.

Gran post😉

hey Jerry, you might want to include my Autosteem tool as an option for browsing steemit better. No login needed (although it uses a posting key only for all features) and full on browsing with much better pictures. Try it it at:

Esteem app works amazing. Although its all fine now

The mobile app is great, just minor issues for now, i have been using esteem for sometime now to keep in touch with the people whom i follow.

Hi @jerrybanfield , I'm dachshund. I sent you steemchat several times regarding my re-steeming your post in Korean, but couldn't hear from you so please understand me making a reply here. I wanted to share your posting, but some might not understand due to langauge barrier so I translated it and sort of in the way of curation. But I'm worried I might be committing plagiarism, I revealed the source and 'credited to you', but I want your confirmation. I don't want to bother you, but would mind visiting my blog or just considering it about translating and cutating your posting at the same time? :) Many thanx in advance.

Also thank you for the nice post:)

great job. I follow you and learn a lot.
can you help me with this "dilemma" :) : - I want to buy bitcoins for cash. Can't do it on bittrex and did't understand how to do it on Coinbase.
Thanks in advance

Hi... Jerry , I have been following you for months in facebook. And started to invest on steemit! your videos and blog made a great help!!!!!!

Post is very useful for me. Thank you @jerrybanfield help me, I'm resstem this post.

Thank @jerrybanfield I was wondering how comes some people were having no issues while I could barely load a page.. or like right now I cant post anything except comments, but atleast its more functional then it was earlier.

thank you very much for a very useful information.

thanks for sharing Jerry

Thanks your videos. .. i am here because of you.

Thanks for this info!!! I was going a bit nuts trying to find out what happened.

Good to know it wasn't at my end.

During these DDOS Attack, our myanmar steemit community is in silence.I worried in a thought " what happen ". After these attack , I come to know about ` busy.org and ChainBB ´ .
Thank for sharing , sir . I have upvoted for your
Witness by post of @cryptoctopus.

:::: your ^ stability ::::

I must resteem!

Its was really irritating !
still facing issue while browsing steemit.com.
Thank you so much for this info @jerrybanfield !

Thank you Jerry! You're the reason why I am on this site. Thank you a lot. I saw your ads on facebook.

Boy it's always a pleasure to come back to your post.

There's something informative; something that allows further understanding of how the

i actually tried using esteem.ws today but i was so so difficult for me.
i have'nt hard of better. chainbb.com and busy.com before.thanks @jerrybanfield for this knowledge

wow! nice info!

Ha-ha, yesterday all did that, when site was offline :). Looking for other alternatives.

thanks to @jerrybanfield for the information that you give, this information so helpfully cauz' yesterday i get a problem when i want to get into the Steemit Website but I Dont Know how to access with other way, thank you very much.

Yes, it is very slow today, I didn't know it was a ddos attack.. ChainBB.W
Wow! I'm always learning something new from you...Thank you Professor Banfield!

upvote me for my post
i upvoted your's post

this is such useful information to have..

This whole DOS event has shown me just how safe Steemit is! I hadn't thought about it before, but it's only the domain that got denied, not the back end blockchain. Therefore we can have as many front end access points as we like to interact with Steemit on.. which means you basically can't take it down as you can keep throwing up new sites very easily. Steem on!

steemit should give date for maintenance like Clash Of Clan game ..

hi I'm new at steemit. But I have a group. We want to make the group bigger.

my Steemit Id ???


follow me and vote me friends

Hello Sir i am new here i am here because of your youtube videos, need ur support i have followed and upvoted you hope u will do the same.....i feel no good to ask like this but ......anyways thanks for ur infos.
god bless u

I barely use the steemit website. Maybe twice a week. I mainly use eSteem to post my blogs. And when all that situation happen I was sleeping so I just woke up to the general panic tweets but everything was up and running properly.

thanks for the info

Thank you for this!

Thank you Jerry for the effort! :)

Thank you for this information!

Did facebook already attack steemit.com...;-) even with the busy.org I cant access steem blockchain. Only eSteem.ws works fine.

Hi, are you certain busy.org and eSteem don't charge fees?

I also browsed and curated a lot of music content on dsound during the steemit fall time...

nice post, we need to help each other I vote you now your turn @sherin

I just saw your banner on top of your dashboard. Awesome!!!! Let us know how you did it, I thought only the program could change that section. Great content! Have a nice day!!!

Thank you for this list Jerry! I'm going to download the iPhone app ASAP.

Is there also an alternative to steemd.com? Because it appears to been done for several hours now.

Also, I'm new to the steemit community and the reason I'm here is you, as I say on my #introduceyourself post! I would really like to hear your opinion on it and hopefully get an upvote! 😉 You can find it here.

wow..this is really cool,,thanks for this..so helpful !!