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RE: Steem Secrets #3 (Delivered By @enjieneer): "Rewards" On Steemit Involve Way Bigger Things Than "Money". Abeg, Shine Your Eyes!

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definitely that most of the people who join the community seeks and for the purpose of money. Even I grasp that mentality due to my desire of helping someone and success for me as well. but you what it's not about that.. When I'm starting to make post. I cant sleep without posting even a single blog. or watching my reputation moving up.. all matters... it's a self fulfilling even if my post not earning that big.. even just a single cent I really appreciate because a single person who acknowledge my work means a lot to me.. self improvement? career enhancement.. ?networking.. friendship.. happiness.. all these things you will discover if you explore steemit.. When I spent too much time in making post versus my sleeping hour... When I forgot the time most of the day because I'm busy polishing my work before posting... it's a passion.. how I love this craft.. even I don't have experience in the world of blogging..because this platform doesn't require perfections it requires authenticity in every work.. then, it open opportunities as you've mentioned in your video.. each one of use here have different reasons or purpose why we joined steemit.. but we have same goal that is to improve ourselves and plunging to an ocean of secrets bring to us by steemit. thanks for sharing


When you really love what you're doing, you'll never get really tired of it. Same with me. Writing and blogging is my passion too. I dont consider this as a work. What's good about it is that we earn(in the form of money, experiences, learnings etc) just by simply doing what we love. ❤Thanks for sharing!

NIce words from @jezmacher! :) everything here that we do is for self -fulfillment regardless the earning that we get.. :) thank you for this one. this is really encouraging :)

yes!! I'm glad you feel that way... Passion a short word but it has broad meaning.. with great impact to every person to anyone.. in everything we do we need to work hard.. we need to strengthen our skills added with faith.. but how could we possibly achieve our goal if we fail to show passion.. is there possibilities we will succeed. Absolutely, yes success is no impossible but the true meaning of success is not only about acquiring things like money, power, fame.. success is happiness.. enjoyment... and complete satisfaction... by all means.. let your hands do all things.. but never disregard that outburst emotion.. the flaming passion that hid inside you.. claim victory..

thanks terry... everything wont matter.. do it by heart.. not by intention.. not to receive credit if there is.. that's a reward from your hardships.. if you work and work just for money without passion its useless.. never hesitate to show interest and let that spark influence others. not because you want to say good words but its full of love.. unconditional love..

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