Hots or Shots Episode 2!!

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Welcome back everyone!

This week's guest on
Hots or Shots
is former steemit employee

Maybe I'll get a @ned vote this time😜

It was a great time meeting and hanging out with him.
He actually spent almost half of our trip in Austin visiting us.
One of my favorite guests so far.

So here we go...

Hots or Shots
Episode 2
With Guest @picokernel

Thanks for watching!


"skinny jeans"
Nice Post.... love the show but also am loving the Godzilla Sushi art

Funy, nice video! Well done
Thank ..
Great post

happy to see this type of show on steemit .
it is amazing to see steemians sharing their
views and watching them in real life situations
every episode will promote steemit
love the conversation

Really cool I mean hot to see Steemit members like @nate in real life situation. Well done bro. well done.

great going ,today you guys were amazing
love this show
bdw i love red peppers with pizza

Fun seeing homie @picokernel.
Looking forward to this Missouri Johny Clearwater Experience!

Another great show!I cant wait to see someone do the shots,I wonder what you have up your sleeve for that?

This should be good,I hope @papa-pepper gets the shots!

Today was supposed to be a shots episode actually, however had some issues in editing, so it will air next week instead.
Btw...papa doesn't drink anymore, so he will be a Hots episode.

Good for him,I forgot about that! Will still look forward to that one for sure.

A great show!)I also love the sharp but not so much!;)I join you!


Those last few questions are difficult for either the hots or shots! Your hatred for skinny jeans makes me giggle!

Wow that's so cool again what a fun way make the weekend interesting so cool and hot too ;)

Awesome video! Be continued. I shall be the regular viewer.

A show that has the potential to be more popular than Dallas.

Keep up the good work @jonny-clearwater.

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Hahaha. Lol. It's great watching @picokernel. A very nice person Nate. I love your show hots or shots.
I want to see some more whales in hots or shots @jonny-clearwater

I'd like to see some whales too...especially in my
Seriously though, I want to interview everyone, whales and minnows alike.
Thanks for your support.

I can't wait to be on the show.!!!!

I'm off to Missouri next week
Interviewing @winstonwolfe @sykochica @jacobts @instructor2121 @giftedgaia and @papa-pepper

Oh my gods!!! All my favorite folks. Please give them hugs from me and Zeph.

Oh boy, I hate all those sauces in general and especially on pizza... but I enjoined watching this video, so you guess it (a paradox in my head now)! And that poster man, ahahah just brilliant! Keep it up, guys! ;)

Great episode..
It is getting really hot..
Keep it up..
Hey , why aren't you uploading this on dtube

Not really in the mood to give them 25% of my revenue

Oh yes
Didn't think of that lol

fun time you had with him this is for sure after watching the video all i can say i really had the great time :)

You are incredible! 🍀


Maybe I got your vote this time 😏

glad to see such a quality show from you. looking forward for more

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oh these shots are really fun to have hahah amazing video :)

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Really cool I mean hot to see Steemit members like @nate in real life situation. Well done bro. well done

Delicious but I like burgers especially zinger...

oh! es la primera vez que veo uno de sus vídeos y realmente me a encantado, son muy graciosos.
oh! It's the first time I see one of his videos and I really love it, they are very funny

Hi! I enjoy your post coming a good time for me to see and read ... life becomes very busy but only love and affection in need in life. incredible work of yours. Thanks for sharing.

fantastic, you guys today have done a fun thing,
is it a cake or something like that?
I still do not know it's a cake or not.

Arizona on the travel plans? Great idea and seems like a lot of fun. RESPECT

If I can line up at least 5 episodes to film, then Arizona would definitely be on the schedule

What a good post, thank you for your good contribution to this social network, is what we want good contribution, congratulations, keep it up!

hello good publication, I hope to get your vote

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Maybe you should have called in @ned to have the HotsnShots...

Maybe once the show gets a bigger following... The community can demand it😜

the drink of the stingy

wow! what a great post. looking forward seeing from you more!

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