Steemporium Is Now Open!!

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Holy Shit!!
Clicking This Awesome Image Takes Me To The Store!!

The long wait is over, SteemIt’s exclusive storefront is now open at

Make sure to follow us here at @steemporium.

What Is Steemporiums Vision?

As mentioned in our original announcement

and I are eager to get to work uniting steemit artists with a way to earn on their creativity.
You can think of Steemporium as a steemit friendly place for artists to gather and sell their goods.

What Next?

As you can imagine,
we’ve been piecing it all together by starting off with a few items that have been designed by some amazing steemit artists:
@overkillcoin, @eqko, @papa-pepper and myself.

As a special gift to the community for their support,
we're home to have the famous
presenting his very own,
“As Seen on”


Keep in mind,
we are busying onboarding many other great products and designs throughout the week.
Be sure to check back in often to see the latest & greatest being showcased.
As you can see we are making Steemporium the go to place for premium artwork and music.
So bare with us as we ramp up things in the coming days

What about SteemStreams?

We are busy behind the scenes getting the music section organized and you can expect it out in the next few days!
We are super excited for what we have in store for you on this.

As always please Upvote and ReSteem

Also, check out this awesome bot!!
Holy Shit!!
Clicking This Awesome Image Takes Me To The Bot!!


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So this must be what you have been working on 60 hours a day for all these months!!! I just found out now when I came to thank @jonny-clearwater for a vote tonite


Thanks Jonny

I love that shirt!

Agree, this animated gif is apsolutly awesome!

Thank you :)

Talk about legit! I 100% love this idea and am totally upvoting this!!!

This is really fantastic news!
Steemti really needs a high quality functional marketplace and it would GEATLY accelerate the success of Steemit as it would add a WHOLE new level of benefit from using it and reason to use it.

How come you don't want me to be a part of this? I have made more Steemit items than anyone and been making them available for Steem since before even PeerHub existed. Its been a lot of work because I had no nice convenient store, but I have been doing it for a year to help build the real world application of $teem and increase its value.

Best Regards~*~

We would love for you to be a part of this.
We just are not yet accepting handmade goods at this time.

They are the most sustainable, honorable and supportive of people rather than corporations.

Honest and simple answer...
We don't know you yet.
With the products we carry currently we directly manage the stock and shipping.
We need to build trust with someone creating handcrafted goods that we don't control the stock of before we are ready to sell those kinds of products in our storefront.

Ok thats fine, though if I am not trustworthy I don't know who is. Have you ever checked out who I am or my web site?
Also I sent multiple correspondences to you guys but never got an answer.
Its your operation so you can do whatever you want how you want. I respect that. Im just pushing for the truth as I always do.
Appreciate what you do for Steemit and I will continue on regardless.

Best Regards~*~

We haven't replied yet as we are still busy uploading the products that we have from our first batch of selected artists.
We have plans to add handcrafted goods, we just aren't yet prepared to do so.
You and I are building a repertoire right now.
When we're ready you will know.

Best of luck

Awesome, gotta check it out!

One of the most meaningful project I see on steemit.

Awesome project!! Thanks for sharing. :)

Are you actively seeking designers for steemporium products? If so, I'd be appy to send along some product ideas.

We have a contact us tab on the store...
So yes...yes we are

Connection en route 👍🏼
Think I'm open to being punched by your beard fist ;)

I'll get back to you tomorrow afternoon

Nice shirt! Check out my introduction post I just shared when you get the chance.

woo hoo!!! Fantastic

I just found out now about this when I came to thank you, @jonny-clearwater for a vote tonite


Thanks Jonny

Was a good no sir, thank you

Nice Jonny! Do you also ship to China?

We ship everywhere

vow , amazing , we can buy steemit shirt in the shop , cool !