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Hello, I have questions about the #steemit platform:

  1. Is the content on indexed by search engines? Like, if there is content unique to, is it visible to people using google to search for it? Would they be able to view it without having a steemit account? Asking because I feel weird posting photos/videos of other people who don't know that I'm posting it here.

  2. Are there norms about cross-posting vs. double-posting? For example, would a blogger write a regular post and then post a link to steemit, or would they paste the contents into a steemit post?


Any steemit post is visible on the web, but not optimized in search results. Do not post someone's picture if they are not cool with that! I embed my steemit post into other blogs. Plagurism is frowned upon, so you might do that or post here first so as not to plagurize yourself.

Is there a reason you prefer doing that instead of posting somewhere else and then linking to it here?

The robots seeking plagiarism will downvote you, or call you out for plagiarizing yourself. Also, I want to lead new users to steemit. I put in like 40 bucks when I started out. Look at my wallet right now......

Robot police! Got it. 😀 And you're linking from here because you want to lead people here. I understand now!

I also upvote every reply that is not a robot or human using CTRL+V. I am logging off now, as always, because my upvote is spent. Started out at 7 cents today......

well that you clarified. here are warnings and flags

The only steem plug-in I use is SteepShot. You might try a few of the plug-ins and see of they suit your purposes....

^I.lied. I also use Dtube, but not that often. Youtube is still easier for me and I do not make that many videos.