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RE: Steem Secrets #7 (Delivered By @zoeroces): To Really Shine On Steemit, You Will Need To Be Slow About "Conclusions".

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She certainly raised a massive point I for one dobmot go about judging people who self vote or are big earners writing just little contents however, the thing about new users is they they allow the earnings of whales deter them from really doing anything good on the platform

As a minnow sacrifice is required you will need to loose sleep,stay awake, kill your pride and get social loose yourself and get more creative

If you're a being intimidated then don't go to the trending pages.
Stay safe work hard and work smart.

We're whales within


Omg! I love your comments, guys. I stay awake late and think of a good thing to do. Post something that people will notice. But if i failed to my post, yes, I feel sad but thats not gonna stop me to do everything. Not for my self but for others to. Upvoting and helping on something they ask me, it really feels good inside. :) ill throw 😍 for u.

Plainly said my man!. Lets be pragmatic and learn that the bottom is always the dark place. And we need to work hard to go to the top

Well what can I say most times I avoid these things too with the whales so as to hustle and be satisfied with what I get here

The Trending and hot page intimidates new minnow, work hard and smart on your blog. In the long run, quality content and good communication will make you a dolphin and eventually a reputable whale.

Very well said!

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

Yea there are some new users that just look at the amount of dollars upvotes the whales get and they get discouraged when they are not getting anything and this has made many people to stop posting

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