Why don't people comment more on steemit?

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The following are reasons people don't comment anylonger on Steemit;

1. Low or lack of reward system

2. Massive rape of the reward pool

3. Lack of feedback on comments

4. Unnecessary flagging

5. No return post engagements

6. Low risk-benefit ratio

Low OR lack of reward system: The low reward system experienced by steem generally is as a result of the prolonged bear market and fluctuations in market capital value. There was a time people used to earn sufficiently on Steemit from just making comments. Comments got meaningful upvotes, sometimes almost equivalent to that of the said posts or some other posts. But now, most blog owners don't even care to read comments on their posts talkless of rewarding them. I wish there was a natural system or program on Steemit that naturally reward meaningful comments across comments.

Massive rape of reward pool: When people use bidbots to promote their posts to trending page and consistently make their target gain here daily by paying for the upvotes, it becomes easier at this point to not give a fuck about comments. Why?

Because the person is recking in dollars from weekly upvotes, your comments don't mean anything, so they keep raping the reward pool till it cums.

Lack of feedback on comments: The steem blockchain is supposed to be a social media, based on the cryptocurrency but we rarely see the social media aspect here. The social flow is almost dead here. Before, people used to make almost instant reaction or reply to all vomments made on their posts. This helped to sustain conversations. Currently, some people even get bored or angry when you comment on their posts. The feedback tradition on comments is almost extinct here.

To be continued.......


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Brotherly, you are right. Very hard do I see a thank you comment, seriously the lost glory has to be awaken. The fun is no longer stichy as it was before.