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RE: Steem Secrets #11 (Delivered By @sissyjill): On Steemit, To Attain "Greatness" And Draw People In Using Just Your Post, You Will Need To Work At Impressing Yourself First.

in #steemit4 years ago

The concept of impressing oneself and others is a process, this, people will have to admit. You cannot just put up anything here and expect to blow even when your conscience is hunting you that it's actually less of value to the community.

Steemit is not a platform for the show of mediocrity, the community deserves the best, and we are the community. We should constantly be mindful of creating value through our contents and contributions for the ultimate growth of mankind. Well done @sissyjill for this amazing write-up, thank you @surpassinggoogle for being a huge inspiration


Our community cannot be a dumping ground for all sorts. You can see for yourself that steemit is made up of learned people and if we are to be worth anything at all, we must give all of ourselves, our essence, our best, our everything as a gift to humanity,. Every post we make must be the implicit version of limitless passion and relentless hard work. Kudos to @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for teaching us. It's so good learning from the masters of the game.

You know what @edith4angelseu? You are just so sweet and lovely. You touched my soul with your words. You really are an amazing person and the community really needssomeone like you.

I am so so blushing. Thank you @sissyjill for your kind words, I appreciate you loads.

To impress your very self, takes "conscious evolution"; and that is exactly what you should be doing using your "very next post".

This is the goal of every minnows, to evolve in a very positive way. To become pat and to impart.

Thanks @joshuaetim, this community desires maturity and we are all in the right process of progress.

having @steemsecrets as guide and encourager for us, it is more easier to cope up.

I love the word, "Conscious evolution!"

For me @lalasison, even if an individual became a whale, he/she must not stop evolving and extending his/her potentials.

you're right, buddy!
Evolution has no limitation!

@joshuaetim, it is an honor to speak the words created for us to learn by @surpassinggoogle.That is what "conscious evolution" really meant. It is knowing yourself and the best you can give to the community. Because everything we give to the community, may it be if best kind or not, will always comes back to us since we are part of the community.

Trueeeee!!! Steemit deserves the best outputs from people. It’s the real deal here. To impress the community, steemians should be able to show what they got and be who they are. Steemit needs this type of people so that this platform will progress more in the future. Lets just take steem to the moon! And act like we are all whales in our different ways :) thanks for the inspiration and continuous spreading of good words @steemsecrets!! :)

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