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RE: Top 7 Steem Apps Stealing Your Rewards... And 3 That Aren't!

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Really great to get this into attention. Never knew before. I agree with you about it’s high % and before that should be a warning ⚠️ in the beginning.
Btw.. is it safe to give your active key to steemconnect ?
And do they have hidden fees too to come t you to such dapps?


Yes, steemconnect is encrypted and trusted. The great thing about steemconnect is it keeps you from having to provide your Steem credentials to the app developers. And no, steemconnect doesn't charge anything.

Do you have a source Link about that? I.e encryptonction of the keys.. and How much credentials dapps developers should know or not Know?
Thanks @brandonfrye

Sure, here's a link to info about SteemConnect V2.0 directly from the Steemit Inc. Blog:

This gives a brief explanation of how it works and why it's good for both users and developers.

Thank you so much for the sincere help 🙏🏼

That’s Gr8. That’s what i kept asking about for the last week But No clear answer till i got your answer. 🙏🏼❤️

Wow, I didn't know that, definitely a safer option.