When and Why, I met with @Cheetah

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Today I am thinking about my journey on steemit that I am going to share with you. I was made some mistake and broken some rules that are not good for our community. Shamelessly I am done some mistakes that made me hopeless to continue with this Social Community. 

When i met with @Cheetah

I was very happy when I got my account approval mail. I was decided to publish an interesting post about crypto-currency. As you guys also know that Google is the best place to search articles or information so I found an article on a blog. So I had copied all contents and pasted it into my post with some modifications. Finally, I was published my first post on steemit with a big hope for trending. Guess what happens after publishing my post???

After publishing my first post I was very happy because I got an Upvote and Comment from @Cheetah instantly.  I liked this line by @Cheetah "Hi! I am a robot. I just upvoted you! I found similar content that readers might be interested in:" I thought @Cheetah is a bot that helps everyone so I was decided to know about him. I visited his profile and I saw a good amount of SP. So I was prayed that he come on my all posts...

Why I met with @Cheetah-

It starts with my journey on steemit. When I was  seen steemit on Google search result six month before I thought it is a blogging platform that pays in USD. As you know steemit is growing day by day I saw it again and again in google search results. After all I was decided to know about steemit.

My first mistake starts with this - I was searched on YouTube "How to Earn Money on Steemit (hindi)". Where I watched a video by @sarthak9213. He is a YouTuber with 227k followers. @sarthak9213 is providing tricks for earning on steemit that is very impressive... You can watch their video but he is speaking in hindi.

According to @sarthak9213, Steemit is a platform where you can earn lot of money by just coping any trending article from any blog. I thought how is this possible??? So I thought to try this trick... 

I was published my first post where I met with @cheetah. After first post I decided to write my own posts. Steemit have too much competition and I got nothing for those posts so I thought again for coping any trending article.

The day when I met @jwolf- I know upvote begging is not good thing but I asked for help to @jwolf. He was upvoted without opening my post. But after upvoting he was opened my post and seen @cheetah 's comment. He warned me for that by a good comment but I was ignored that. 

When I followed @jerrybanfield on YouTube- After getting failure on steemit I thought to do some research for steemit. After all I got @jerrybanfield on YouTube. He is a smart man with intelligent brain. I learned a lot from him about steemit. 

When I was joined MSP community by @aggored and other respected steemians- One day when I was reading some articles on steemit I got a link for MSP Community on discord. So after becoming a community member, many people on MSP discord server helped me to understand the steemit plateform.

Today, Now I am here with mistakes that i was done in past. I am not saying that @sarthak9213 is forced me for doing mistakes. I am agree with I am responsible for my any activity on steemit. So now, as I think Steemit is not   Facebook or Instagram. Its our community and we are going to make this platform worlds most interesting social media community. And stopping those people who is busy in making steemit a money making platform.

Now I want to say sorry- I know my mistakes is not good for community and maybe you all need to punish me by flagging. But I want to say sorry to all steemians and you guys decide how you are going to react n this. On  this post I am inviting you all to flag if you think i am not worthy for a second chance on steemit.

I want to say thank to @jwolf, @jerrybanfield,@aggored and @timcliff for guiding me on steemit. I want a fresh start on steemit. And today I am swearing that i am never going to do anything that is not good for our community. If you are new on steemit learn here about cheetah and make this place clean.

I hope you like my thoughts so don't forget to upvote/flag this post and follow @jskvishal for more updates about cryptocurrency, technology and trade recommendations. Please use reply section to share your thoughts...


@jskvishal Good post. Life in generally is about learning; mistakes is just part of the process. Best wishes to you.

Thank you very much...

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