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RE: Project hope and curation trail on - brainstorming

in #steemit11 months ago

obviously I would like to get some quality feedback from you (comment section below).

You can count on me for this task. We are already a well-geared team and we know how to deal with these situations.

visit and follow @ph-fund "curation trail" with 100% of your upvoting power.


I'm planning to run marketing campaign to promote this idea and I would like to know who would be willing to write his own publication encouraging people to join this curation trail and post it on your own profile.

I am willing to fulfill this task.
I will wait for your guidelines in this regard and then proceed to publish.
Maybe you would need an advance draft?


Good point Juan

Maybe you would need an advance draft?

Definetly. I will prepare my own post first and share it with you and others and based on it everyone involved will be able to write his own publication.


It´s a great idea.

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