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Does it make sense?

I have my own personal experience related to this:

As you can see, my average curation is low (Maybe 0.04 SP), but with this post that I highlighted I got 0.135 SP.
This happened because I voted before this publication was curated by @curangel and @project.hope.
Then it demonstrates what you propose.

Making this technical approach in a publication, it would not be difficult to convince several people to join the trail.

This variant that you have incorporated into the dynamics of what we know as a curation trail, certainly gives added value to the concept in general.

I have a couple of doubts:

  • If I join the trail and the trail votes for my post, then I would be making a self-vote. How can we address this?

  • People who join our trail would may want that their posts curated by @project.hope. In this case, what would be the demands we could make to cure them? Would they have to be delegates of a minimum of 1000 SP? Would they have to publish within the theme of our group? The fact of belonging to the trail, doesn't the possibility of being cured imply?

Many questions, uh?


You can use steemrewarding to create a rule where you don't upvote yourself when following a curation trail. As far as I know, the steemauto site doesn't have this functionality yet.

Thank you very much for your valuable comment brother and for visiting the publication. You are very attentive.

No worries, I did leave a full comment on some feedback as this is the first time I have come across the project

Hopefully we will find many more people with the same collaborative spirit you have.

If you want to learn more about our project then you are cordially invited.
We currently have a passive income program based on SP delegation.
In our discord and telegram channels, content creators can share their work for greater expocision and exchange of ideas with members of our small community.
In addition to the small trail we also have a couple of accounts: @project.hope and @crypto.piotr with which we can give upvote that is currently around 700K SP and will support our content creator members.

Excuse me if I extended too much, I don't want to look like a merchandise seller. I'm sorry.


Haha no worries mate, can tell there's been a lot of work gone in to this and 700k SP is massive actually, congratulations on achieving this. Looks like there's great things being worked on here!

If any of your community would like to get involved our monthly contest (@yourtop3), I think there's a good opportunity for everyone to have fun and develop reasoning skills, whilst getting engagement and of course a chance to win some STEEM.

700k SP is massive actually.

For the most part these are the product of delegation by the members who benefit. That is one of the advantages of the project.

I'll take a look at @yourtop3, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for your valuable feedback @nickyhavey and for sharing your thoughts.

I already replied. I hope my reply isn't to long to read :)



Helpful, thanks.

You´re welcome.

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