What do you think are the best ways for a minnow to increase his Steem Power?

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There are so many ways one can build/increase Steem Power as a minnow. It will interest you to know that in just a few months of joining the platform, without powering up, I was able to acquire personal 500 SP. Although, this requires hard work, dedication and consistency. So if you can't be dedicated to remaining consistent even if you are not seeing the results, then this is not for you.

There are several Dapps on the Steem Blockchain which promises a variety of rewards when a user makes use of them.

Some of them are 

  • Esteem: Esteem is a Steem based application which works for Android as well as IOS. All you have to do is download the app, make your Steemit posts using the app and get rewarded for doing so.
  • Musing: Overtime, I have used the musing platform to build my SP. It's a good thing you are already taking advantage of the musing platform. Simply by asking and answering questions, you can gain rewards in upvotes which will in turn build your SP.
  • Quality Content: Although, people feel that making quality contents don't count anymore when it comes to getting rewarded on the Steem blockchain but that isn't entirely true. There are so many curation projects looking for decent and quality contents to reward but find none. Make quality content, use the right tags and of course you will be found.
  • Consistency: Like I said earlier, without consistency in the game, it is rather difficult to grow your SP without investing in Steem Power. If you can't repeat these steps consistently, it may be difficult to see rewards as you may end up giving up after a few times because you didn't get results.
  • DTube: Dtube is a video based platform. They reward quality video contents published on the platform. If you are a video lover, you can take advantage of Dtube and earn reward for adding value to the blockchain.

I am sure there are other ways to grow your Steem Power as a minnow and these are only a few of them. Nevertheless, if put to action, you will experience changes in your Steem Power in no time.