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RE: 99 developers on Hive but only 20 IQ

in #steemit2 years ago
  1. They refused to take a bribe from Justin Sun as many others remaining did.

Which pretty much explains this post of yours.

Good luck on Steem. I guess you can fall back into old habits with full support now.

Btw, it appears the hive team has done more in 5 weeks than Steemit did in 4yrs. Don’t be so worried.. I’m sure Justin will pay you well 👍🏼


Take a bribe? Do you have any proof?
You are wrong, we just decided to not leave, I personnaly never spoke with any new Steemit or Tron members after the changes... so how could I have been bribed?

Can you explain me what they did? Except forking all the existent resources and finding a name for their chain. But oh wait this name is already copyrighted :D

Thanks, I wish you also the best!

What contempt! you send charges without any evidence. Reading you, I wonder if it is stupidity, nastiness or a financial bias.

Bring evidence when you accuse. In the absence of evidence present facts. You are shabble

Why? There is no evidence in the original post.. I thought it was just - “throw out stupid shit” day.

I was just following that concept. 🤷‍♀️

It is true that in the original post, there is no evidence. But he exposes facts there. These facts combined represent a body of evidence.

I know, it must be difficult for you, you are asked to argue instead of paying yourself for shitty jobs.

5 weeks? .... like if they couldn't do shit in 4 years. They just decided to chill, because why not. Only started moving their asses when the lower brain started to kick in. Greed.

Steemit did in 4yr

Do you even Github? Stop trying hard to look smart it's really bad. Just do what you always know how to do, PR and playing with your tongue. Leave the real shit to people with more than one neuron.

Go to your hive, you have eggs to lay.

Yes? How smart and good are they?
Because they didn't do it on Steemit. Because as far as I know, have they been the managers of Steemit during those 4 years?

Yes. So?

Are you saying that they have done more than themselves?
That does not make sense. U know..

Absolutely ridiculous comment.

That if. Comment voted by your followers. Those who lick your ass.
Know why? Because you are a woman.

Like many of the women's publications within Steemit. Voted exclusively because you are women and you have a beautiful body and beautiful pictures.

Does that make you proud? Congratulations!
Congratulations on supporting and spreading defamation of women with pride.