An invitation to test-drive the latest features coming to

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An invitation to test-drive the latest features coming to

For anyone who happens to follow our release candidates for condenser (the application that serves content for or anyone who would like to, this is an important change to note: the url that was previously is now

For security purposes, we've decided not to use a second level domain on for our staging and development environments.

We invite anyone to checkout the latest features in condenser that haven't yet rolled out to at our new staging environment:

If you'd like to participate in reporting bugs you are also welcome to do so at condenser's home on GitHub

Disclaimer: isn't intended for fulltime primary use of the site and it may be down or broken on occasion while we roll out changes to test new features for the community.


What are the changes? Looks the same, same Landing Page as last year and such..

And im not logging in there till somebody from staff that i recognize claims this link is valid. Just made a fast browse without logging and look same to me.

Better to check than be sorry right? :) Esp that his posts were not showing that!

Of course. When we launch achievements there will probably be a little bit of username flair that confirms it visually to avoid confusion.

Yeah thats a good idea. Im surprised this stuff wasnt exploited already you know :)

The small size of our current community has some advantages we're gonna enjoy for as long as they're available. :)

Yup I've clicked around too, looks the same tbh, except for this -

Loving the big button :) ok, and the header font looks different too

Loving the big button :)

Yeah, because that doesnt sound scammy at all.

Yes might be best to review the wording there.

That part will be changed - the wording of that is not what we want it to be.

im glad (and i also figured/hoped that might be the case.)

Lol it does, actually, depending on audience. It's straight-forward for sure

I don't care how it sounds or how ugly it is as long as people click on it and create an account.

Oblivious much?

People won't click on it if it looks scammy. And if they do click on it, and you don't deliever on your implied promise, theyll walk away.

Did you seriously watch most of the platform's userbase and all of the platform's momentum seep away amid the scammy sounding hype and unfulfilled promises last august and september and learn nothing at all?

There was no signup button to click on in that view at all before, so even if a small percentage click, it will be an improvement.

Additionally, if it is as bad as you claim, when we A/B test it, it will get easily replaced by something better. :)

What about the domain? Is that master while is stable?

Also curious.. is either a continuous deployment setup?

Right now is running latest/master. In the near future we'll be doing continuous deployments, starting with

Please add an extra decimal in comment's payouts like A point of reference is a must if you want users to want to buy more steem power.

Nice! I briefly visited but it seems not much is different from the production env. Do you have anything like a roadmap, or it's just the github's pulls/commits?

Condenser doesn't have an individual official roadmap, but many items on our official roadmap are in relation to condenser of course. Commits on github are here:
Anything from Feb 18th until now is what's live on

Thanks, I'll keep an eye on the repository and give feedback. Keep it up! :)

Can't sign up there. Captcha is not valid. Say's ERROR for site owner:
Invalid domain for site key

I tried to login with my Steemit username and password and I succeeded.

ok..I will try that

Hello, How many people are working on "Condenser" at this time? And what else were you working on in the last few months?

very cool @justinw, will follow. can't wait to see what is new here, it is already blowing my mind!