Spammer list

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm really tired of spammers.
In hope of people using their extra voting power to do some spring cleaning I will list the spammers I come across.
If you are aware of someone not on the list feel free to comment and I will check up the person and add them to the list.
Luckily since i run a second account that posts in my native language it's easy to spot, hopefully this list will be helpful.

Since the spambots probably will transfer their SBD to a master account, hopefully, some spambot owners will be added in the future to nip this problem in the roots.

To the spammers, you are not really earning anything. If people keep doing this, it will result in steem dropping. Just do the honest work like the rest of us.

It's really annoying to spend massive amounts of time on this platform trying to make it better only to fear all the work will someday go down the drain because of people like you.

Hopefully there will be moderators with power to reduce/remove posting privileges in the future.

I will keep building on this list and post it on a regular basis.

So onto the list:



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You just made the list

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