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RE: The TRX and Steemit Integration is now Live !

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It worked! I just went to steemwallet where I was already signed in, and saw the pop-up. The PDF with the credentials for my new TRON account downloaded. Cool! :)

Tweeted too! 2358 followers.



Great action taking person 👌 Love it❤️

I'm getting this come up:

missing translation: en.tron_err_msg.need_active_or_owner_key

What could it mean?

I got the same at first . If you go to your wallet on Steem you'll be able to do it succesfully.

It's been three years since I've been active on Steemit and I got the same error message as houndsecurity. When I went to my wallet on Steemit and read that I had to download the TronLink wallet so I did that. But I'm unclear what to do next. I appreciate any direction you could give me.

So I got the PDF. Does that mean I can download a TRX wallet somewhere and log in with those passwords?

Sorry for my ignorance here, I’m new to Tron.

[x] You can always do anything with the wallet you get. as long as you keep its private key information. And please do not share the private key with anyone, any untrusted applications. Anyone with that private key has complete control over your wallet.

[x] You should create a Tronlink wallet and replace the default Tron wallet in your Steemit account. At that time, you will receive a Tron token on the Tronlink wallet and you can vote it directly on that wallet to increase your profits. You should keep the private keys of these wallets carefully.

If you find it helpful please support me by signing up for a Tronlink wallet under my referral link. I am very grateful for that. 🥰

Enjoy what you want 🥰

Thanks for the post. Using your instructions I was able to setup and verify my Tron account very easily.


I got it all set up!

it is done

Good news 👌