HF20 good for Steemit?

in #steemit3 years ago

It's been over a few days since HF20 was released and to be honest I was one of the people who hated it. We all hate change, I have seen this on Facebook. 

Every time there's an update on Facebook people would write posts about how they hated the new design, the feel and other things. But over a period of time they would forget it all and start loving the new changes. 

We humans as a species hate change and always love old thing and routines. 

As of now I do hate the new updates made on Steemit, it hurts because it created a lot of problems. Almost all the users were not able to use Steemit for over two weeks. And this caused a lot of confusion.

Well, I am still waiting for feedback from people. I hope people will find it helpful


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