This is my original work and not copied stuff, Steemcleaners are you happy?

in #steemit3 years ago

Over the last several months I have been posting quotes by famous people and I have earned a little from all the posts.

But since the last three posts I have been receiving warnings and downvotes from Steemcleaners. I agree that the content that I was posting was not my own but most of it was on public domain. How can a quote be someone's property?

Anyways, I am not angry with Steemcleaners but rather it made me think that when I was posting original thoughts of my own, hardly anyone upvoted my posts and very few of them commented.

One thing that I want to ask Steemcleaners is that if you can downvote when someone is copy pasting, then you must upvote when someone is posting their original thoughts here on Steemit.

By the way, I have decided to post my original thoughts from now onwards and will see if Steemcleaners and other such accounts upvote my posts.