Eurovision Or "EnglishVision"

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I like watching the Eurovision, but it's not Eurovision anymore, it became The "EnglishVision", I loved to hear other languages and other cultures, Hear other things than usual, but now I have a feeling to hear the same thing, its boring. I understand that everyone tries to convey a message, but a message can be passed by good music in any language, and even a person who doesn't understand a word of the language can connect.

List of Languages By Appearances:

English - 711, Spanish - 69, French - 53, Italian - 51, Russian - 38, Greek/Serbian - 29, Bulgarian - 23, Croatian/Romanian - 18, German - 17, Albanian/Armenian - 14,
Turkish - 13, Polish/Macedonian - 12, Czech/Hebrew/Hungarian/Portuguese - 8, Arabic/Finnish - 7, Slovenian - 6, Azeri - 5, Lithuanian - 4, Icelandic/Latvian/Ukrainian - 3, Danish/Estonian/Slovak - 2, Belarusian/Bosnian/Catalan/Dutch/Elvish/Faroese/Georgian/Japanese/Kurdish/Norwegian/Styrian/Swedish - 1

Winners by Language:

English - 31, French - 14, Dutch/Hebrew - 3, German/Norwegian/Swedish/Italian/Spanish - 2, Danish/ Croatian/Ukrainian/Serbian/Crimean Tatar/Portuguese - 1

My Favorite Eurovision 2018 Song:

What is your opinion on the subject? Add in the comments your favorite song this year

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Most of the songs that I remember I loved from Eurovision were non-English song. But sometimes there are also very good things in English like Emmelie de Forest few years ago that I would have been sad to miss. ;)

Good song, do you understand french ? because I am algerian and I know some french and I like to practice it here sometimes.

Yes, I speak English, French, and Hebrew
Tu peux m'écrire en français avec plaisir:)

oh c'est bien, je suis en Russie plus que 7 ans and j'ai oublier baucoup, es que tu conais ce site : Tous est en francais et il y a baucoup d'information la ba.

Oui, Je l'ai découvert récemment. ça fait plaisir de voir la communauté francophone grandir sur Steemit.

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