New Secure Smartphone with a Built-in Crypto Wallet

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Perhaps one of the most interesting news I could find this week came from the world of technological innovation. Sikur, a technology security company from Germany launched a Smartphone, whose goal is to secure the information it contains from hackers. What is interesting is that the smartphone will contain a built-in wallet for Crypto coins that they claim is immune to hacker hacking.

The company hired professional hackers to try hacking the smartphone and they failed.
In addition, the company announced that it will release in the second quarter of the year a Crypto wallet secured by a physical device (not a smartphone) such as Ledger and Trezor.
Could it be that in a year from now, a smartphone without a crypto wallet will look like a Nokia phone without Snake Game?

The smartphone is now sold for $ 850 in pre-sales for the first 20,000 orders, will be sent in August. Link to the website:

Official Company Video:


Interesting. With Ledger and Trezor being practically the only ones out there, there are other companies bound to compete and create something accessible for other types of users and crypto enthusiasts. Trezor offers a certain kind of security, and Ledger offers the simplified version of such a security. There should be more than just two wallets out there and as updates are made, upgrades are made, and new wallets are created, it's bound to appeal to those who were previously sceptical if for the very reason that having a wallet seemed too complicated.

I agree and hopefully the price will drop as well

Yeah, exactly.

I completely agree that there should be more than 2 main Wallet company, Competition is a good thing. Making wallets as accessible and simple as possible with a high level of security will be good for people who don't come from a technological background.

Oh yes, for sure. Right now, my mom prefers for me or my husband to take care of crypto for her than to do it herself. If someone comes up with something that's mommy-proof then they've got my vote lol

wow that is amazing. Thank you for this share. A very interesting and informative read.