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RE: Steem Secrets #9 (Delivered By @theree2389): On Steemit, There Is "Opportunity"; "The Tip Of The Opportunity" & "Lost Opportunity". Which Will You Have?

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That's true. Oppotunities are everywhere. Just signing up to steemit is already an opportunity to get steem and sbd, and, money aside, opportunity to showcase your content. There are so much opportunities that we can get in steemit like opportunity to help out others, or opportunity to get to know more people and build communities within a community.


Thats true! Getting an approval on your email account indeed a start of great opportunity. Absolutely, other members did a great job of helping out other people such as charity work.

I AGREE! In this platform you we are able to make things possible. It is truly a great help!

Our group, @steemitfamilyph, is also planning on different charities. Come check it out. 😊

please follow @surpassinggoogle and vote his witness steemgigs!

I'm already following him and already voted steemgigs as witness.

Yes! Signing up to Steemit is one of the best decisions I've done. Opportunities here are never-ending!

Please support @surpassinggoogle as witness by voting #steemgigs

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