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RE: Steem Secrets #4 (Delivered By @gerel): Shake The Steem Blockchain With A Piece Of Awesome "YOU", For "There Was Life Before Steemit".

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Indeed! One of the best platform I've read. @gerel you're one of a kind. Grats to you. You have such a wonderful message that can lead us to be who and what we are before and after we came in steemit. I was just amazed by your state that "there was life after steemit". Yes there is! We just need to oversee it. Here in steemit, where we can freely express, show and share our ideas, opinions, overviews, etc. Steemit is a place for us, not just to earn money, but to bring us in a world full of knowledge. Thank you for sharing your awesome thoughts. Glad to see ya here. Anyways, I'm a newbie and I'm looking forward to read more of your articles.

Also, thank you @steemsecrets and @surpassinggoogle for sharing this.:))

Good day to all :)


Very sweet.

Please follow @gerel, she is whale inside and a sweetheart. Ofcourse, look out for the next release on @steemsecrets. Knowledge dispensed is "life knowledge" underlyingly and this applies on steemit and beyond. Please see the other releases on @steemsecrets if you haven't.

Thank you sir :) I am now following @gerel.

you can also feature in due time

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