The Old Dog Motivates You: Get Excited by Extracting Data From The Steem Blockchain!

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You may have noticed that I often write about my favorite Steem tool which is Well it's one thing reading about it or seeing a few screen shots and an entirely different thing when you see how it works!

Would You Like to See me Demonstrate a Steem Blockchain Analyzer?

No need to wait. I've prepared a short video for you! Please take a look at it because it will MOTIVATE you!

@old-guy-photos is a regular guy just like you and I but just look what he's accomplished! You know what the great thing is? You can do it to but you've got to keep going and if I can help you on the journey I'll do what I can!

What do You Think?

  • Are you amazed by what you can see using
  • Have you already been using it?
  • Are you excited to give it a try?

I hope that you enjoyed this brief vlog entitled "Get Excited by Extracting Data From The Steem Blockchain!"

Until next time,

@kus-knee (The Old Dog)


Cool stuff as always!
I've never used before, but I'm always impressed and motivated by you and your work, so I will start using it!

Great to see you here @the-future! We'd kind of lost contact but I'll try not to let it happen again!

Yes, I know we'd kind of lost contact, but I had to learn more about crypto and how it works. I really didn't had enough time for steemit, but I know that I will never forget the people who helped me on my journey on steemit! And of course, I will never give up on steemit!
I just hope that people will open their eyes and see the motivation that you provide!

I can't believe i've never used before, i've just watched your video about it and it looks an incredibly useful tool. I can't wait to have a play with it.
Thanks for sharing.

Yes play around with it and get to know it well. It's a great tool. is no daubt a best tool ... Big thanks to @steemchiller

What an honor to be featured on the Old Dogs page and video. I have been around here a lot, but have never tried that Steemworld. You really made it look easy and its clearly very helpful. Thanks for taking thee time to share this info!
I love the message to not give up. I have seen too many people give up and I think to myself what a shame is. Thanks again Old Dog!

Oh no sir it's my honour to feature you. You're lots of fun, talented, generous, knowledgeable, interesting, tenacious a little touch of weird ( read unique) and good to know!

Just tried it out , its awesome , I will be using it a lot @kus-knee ! thanks for including the link my friend !! I love that it lets me know , exactly when my voting power will be back to 100% and everything else !! Steem On !👍👍👍✌😀💕

hmm gonna look further into that, fun!

The tool is new for me. Looking forward to checking it out and thanks for keeping us "in the know"!

It's a lot of fun.

Dear friend @kus-knee..
I never used tool.. Let's check this out.. thanks for sharing..

It will open a world to you Steemit wise!

Thank you so much for the great share learn and earn. Yes it is a wonderful world where creativity have it's proper recognition. You are very right we should not stop by, continuous comprehendship networking is the key to success in this world. Thanks for the valuable information about the new system, I am excited to connect with it. Lastly wish you a very very happy time my dear friend.

I never used it before, sure I have to check it out; just because of the fact you do inform about the possibilities.

It will help,to,build your knowledge.

I didn't realise you could get so much out of steemworld, I must check it out more fully!

When the boomster hits the future earnings button and watches it click through things are going to get very exciting!

Wait, Boom, no comment on the smashing good looks off the subject SMH! lol

Thank you for sharing those information in your post. Surely it will help me a lot to understand how this site works. I encountered oldguyphotos when I engaged in commenting in one post I read. I never thought he was like a "big time" here. I will now bookmark that steemworld. ;)

@old-guy-photos is a good steady blogger. He's having fun and that sooooo important!

I'm small time, but I still enjoy it LOL.

i don't understand all of this

Ask me anything you want and I'll do my best to explain it. I've been on here for almost 2 years!

I want to ask you , is there a maximum on votes you can do in 24 ours? because i don't get the amount of power wen you vote, for example i vote and it still is 0.1 , and wen i get a vote from you it's a lot higher.
I know you are 2 years online, is that the reason?
Sorry , i just try to find things out, and i'm very thankful to you

Thank you !

The value of your vote is determined by Steem Power. Until you have 500 Steem Power you can vote 10 times in 24 hours and they will be at 100% value.

Once you have 500 Steem Power you can divide each vote into percentages giving you many more votes in a day.IMG_1379.PNG


In the above example I set my slider on your comment to give it an upvote of 2% and you can see the value that it added.

Please play around with this site and it will help to explain your situation.

At this point in your journey your vote at 100% is worth 1 cent but don't get discouraged, just keep having fun and enjoying the platform you're doing great and have a lot to offer.

If you've got any other ideas for Mundane Art challenges please let me know!

Thank you Kus-knee, i will play with it a bit, and hope to give nice pictures some votes :-) , i will think about a good subject for a future challenges :-)

Im new in steemit and know nothing about cryptocurrency i do my best to learn about this interessing field , its amazing my life will change!

If I can help or answer any questions let me know!

This looks like a very useful tool! I already use steem now but seems to be a lot more in depth. The pie charts are very useful too. Thank you for the info! I will certainly give it a try.

Yes do check it out!

Still not understand Steemit in total but well, it's my second day today. Probably this tool could be helpful for me aswell ;)

Well welcome to Steemit @sparkofphoenix!

Thank you for this, I headed over to steemworld while listening to your video, and you are right it is a great sight!!

Glad that you can find it useful!

interesting analysis of what we can do there i had seen this before the website but didn't expected that much we can do thanks a lot for sharing :D

It can be a bit confusing at first because there's so much there!

I am so so excited my dear after watching the is amazing what people have achieve in this platform.Really ,i am motivated.thanks for adding inner strenght to my life to continue this journey i have started

You can do it!

Excited to try it out!! Loved the charts! Thanks for sharing it with us😊

You'll love it!

My tab #1, Steemit and tab #2, :D It's pretty amazing tool of course!


You are wise!

This is totally a new thing for me and you made me aware about
It seems one can have a bundle of information there & can enjoy the life in a more innovative way.
I will check it now on and off thanks for writing about it and guiding the steemians in a better way

You deserve great respect in this regard @kus-knee

My support & prayers are always with you
Stay Blessed!

Thanks so much for your kind words and I'm glad that it can help you.

Good day, @kus-knee, and thanks, for this :) I'm loving Steemworld & all the information I can learn from it!

Just this morning I saw that I had Steem power undelegated from my wallet :o I guess it means Steemit thinks I'm a big boy now & don't need the training wheels!

Will try pedaling harder, faster, and better, now, that I'm almost 2 months old on this platform :)

By the way, I'm an Egyptian-American thinker/poet, author of 7 books, if you'd like to check me out.

Wishing you continued success,

Good to read of your progress. We need to help each other so that MANY can succeed.

Yes, I agree. Some of the most fun I've had here is collaborating & helping to discover new talent.

One young man, who was working hard and only earning cents, made over $300, here, when he illustrated a poem of mine.

What a great experience!

I have glanced at this site, but never took the time to see what it really does! What an amazing tool! Thank you so much for showing me how to use it!

Glad that you like it!

thanks to you I learned about such an excellent information tool - this is probably the most useful site that contained a lot of useful information.
Thank you @kus-knee for your work and for being ready to help everyone who asks for your help :)

My pleasure!

How glad I am that I am subscribed to you! If it were not for this, I would not have known about this wonderful instrument I will make a repost of your message, so that my friends can take help your help! Thank you! Good luck, @kus-kne!
Как я рада, что подписана на вас! Если бы не было этого, я не узнала бы об этом замечательном инструменте Я сделаю репост вашего сообщения, для того, чтобы мои друзья могли воспользоваться помощью от вас! Благодарю! Удачи, @kus-kne!

Thanks so much for your kind words!

I have received a lot of information from this post from you. In which you can learn the description of the data

I'm glad if it can help you!

I like the tool but it takes a lot of time to load the dashboard. I wish they can be quicker. atleast on the front end :)

Hi there, I'm not sure about your internet speed but on mine it takes about 5 seconds. Don't forget that it's extracting tons of data!

Im definitely excited to give it a try @kus-knee ! And familiarize myself with the site it looks fantastic , Why have I not heard if this yet !? Thanks for letting us know about it now Old Dog 🐶 ! Upped and resteemed to share with others !!👍👍👍✌😀

Great post! Going off steemit to interact with the bockchain in different ways is huge! I spend more time on Steemd and Steem.Rocks figuring out who is interacting with my posts than I do on Steemit. I'm actually developing a chrome extension to make it easy to switch between Steemit and related sites - I'd absolutely love if you could check it out and give advice/feedback! (Gonna add to it with the next update!)

Thanks for the interesting information.

Being able to see where your voting percentage is for the day is huuge!

Thank you @kus-knee! This is a great tool.

As I'm checking now & thinking that this steem tool is for full details of our account. We don't need to use all other steem tools if we only use this tool. Thanks for informing us.

It is my favourite at the moment but I do use others.

From now it will be no.1 on my steem tools list :)

Good work mate keep it going :) started blogging once again just because of this platform wish me luck :D

Great job...........good crypto analysis

i have noticed that and thanks for this info..

Great post!

I've seen your video here. Here you show your blog and your reproduction through your video in front of me. I am very excited to see your video.

This is so great! You got the great point here......

I'm gonna watch the video to learn more maybe i will get a powerful tool. Regards

I will check about this..thanks foor sharing!

this is amazing ..


Really enjoyed it sir

and i feel motivated

that's a very useful tool, Oldie, thx!
I need to recover some informations about my account right now for my 1 year on Steem anniversary! ;)

1 year! Congratulations on a great year!

thx Oldie. You have had some part in that ;)

It is an excellent post, I already knew the tool but I did not know the paper that it has, congratulations for your publication. Thank you very much

I haven't use it till now. Thanks for sharing it

@kus-kneee is an excellent site. I'm new and do not understand much here, I would be glad that they helped me to understand

Surprisingly, this is the first time I've heard of
I'll definitely give it a try and I does look really exciting! Seems like you can get a lot of data there. Thanks for sharing this :)

I also use this app. There's a lot of useful information. for example, I can view my reputation. Nice to see these steps of growth. They really motivate to work. When you see your daily growth.

I have no doubt would be awesome with nice tool options.

Right one... Thanks 🎯

yes i am amazed with all this :)

I’m gonna give it a try!! We’ll see if I can figure out how to use it!!

This is a great tool. Thanks for the tutorial. I looked at it before but didn't understand the value. I'll be using it from now on.

I discovered this tool recently and for me it is the best by far. I am using it daily and still finding new things that are very useful.

Wow it is amazing all the things at one place
Pretty amazing tool !

really nice post excellent

No more doubts.It is the best!!!!!

Wow...nice interface here @kus-knee. Excellent update. I didn't try to log in to I have some problem. Am I register newly login to

a very interesting post

amazing explain i loved it wish you best of luck keep posting becuse we waiting for your post @Resteemed @Upvoted

Good post friend

Probably one of the most useful application done in the late period!

I like this video. And I am waiting others..

Steem blockchain is so amazing and superior to many other blockchains...keep rocking indeed. Thanks for sharing

Awesome post and video. You don't sound that old. lol

Thanks for the important info..


i never knew something of such exists, thanks so much for your information I'm going to try it out. Continue the good work.

The post is very important...Thanks..

I like the information that shows for individual posts. Especially the pie chart and the images. I'll be using this from now on, for sure! Thanks!

It is a great tool and satisfies all sorts of curiosities!

Thanks I'm heading to now. ALways looking for new tools for my Steemit belt.

I'm glad you remind me to this great tool. I didn't use it frequently until now. I took a lookaround, and I like it very much, very useful! Thanks again!

Thanks for this - TBH I was expecting something more technical (about SQL) but in fairness, this is news to me... great analytical tool. Cheers for introducing it to me!


I have looked at Steemworld but this post shows me there a lot more I should be looking at on it thsnks for this

Also cool featuring @old-guy-photos such a great guy

I have seen your video. but I do not understand because I am from Indonesia I do not know English

I have been using it now for awhile, not sure when I started using it. It and steemd along of course with steemit, are always up and running. When steemd goes down keeps going, (most of the time), so it is a very handy tool.

Steemworld is a great tool to keep up to date with your activity. I like the fact that you can check upvote patterns. Super efficient. @old-guy-photos is a great role model. I found steemit from him. Thanks Paul :)