Bought a gaming console with Steem - Thank You guys!

in #steemit3 years ago

When i first heard about Steemit from my friend @UBG, i chose myself a milestone. That milestone was Nintendo Switch. Back then i did not know anything about crypto, not to mention Steemit.

So almost year ago my journey to collect money/steem for Nintendo Switch started. Back then the price for one Steem was about 7 cents.
Fast foward some months and steem price was about 1,2€ and so i sold most of my Steem power, which is regret now ofcourse.

So on July of 2017 i bought a Nintendo Switch with steem and i’m super happy with it.
Wanted to thank this platform for making this happen!
Before this console, i had never played any of the Nintendo systems so this was a new thing for me in every way!

Let me know, what have You bought or what are Your goals?




Awesome. Have fun dude.!

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