Likes likes upvotes??! 🤨

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Are we blinded by greed? Especially here, on steemit where upvotes decide our posts worth?

My perspective is, that atleast if i’m going to use social media, let it be useful to me. I’m not telli g Facebook can’t be useful but it’s like voluntary NSA. You give all your information, blinded by the likes and narcissistic point of view. In return You get personalized advertisement.

I wanna end this short thought on a positive vibe so here is a bunny!


jejeje hi, is difficult to see how to please others with our work but we try all the time (or maybe that's just me) because I wanna to do a great job and enjoy the results. I hope find it.

You got a 28.57% upvote from @upyou courtesy of @kuttmargo!

We should hook our bunnies up :D